HESTER returns to Australia

Todd HESTER, editor of the Worlds leading MMA publication Grappling magazine has returned down under.

Myself, Todd and his family shall be off to Australia Zoo to catch up with Danny HIGGINS prior to his US invasion early next month. Australian fight fans can look forward to future articles on Australian fighters!

I can not stress enough how positive the press was ALL of the fighters received from XFC4 in the upcomming July 2004 issue.

TT for Grappling and Danny!


Can Todd get us a copy of the article so we don't have to wait 4 months to see it?

I second that !

Have Todd organise a few copies to be FedEx'ed for distribution to select UG members (ie me and Krakkerz)


Hey Krakkerz,
Guess what, I acquired a copy of the magazine from an un-named source. Great write up of our fight. Give me a call and I will try to email a copy of the article to you.
"Your Opponent"