Hex /Trap Bar???

After doing a serious session of Traditional Deadlifts, I couldn't help notice how horrible my form was/is. I was wondering if using a Hex/Trap Bar would help my form. I used one briefly in high school but never after that. Anybody use one of these bars for deadlifts, any thoughts??

Well its a totally different lift, but a great one! If you can get hold of one, go for it. I wish I had one.

I am buying one for my home gym and hope to incorporate it allot into my work out.

I love it, and I use it every third workout that I do. One thing I like is its versatility-- you can use it as a deadlift, but also you can use more of a squat form simply by holding the bar back a bit farther and using mostly leg. In fact, I use it in place of squats since my gym (a high school weight room) has no squat station. I also use it in the deadlift way; it feels different because of the hand position, but it also requires less techique to get the same benefit as deadlifts, and you'll never have to worry about scraped shins/knees/thighs.

ttt for NobleSavage

Thanks Urquhart! I'm sold - I gotta get one!

I cannot squat or do regular DL's because of a bad back. But TBDL's are no problem. They are a leg excercise. They take the pressure off the lower back. But my knees are starting to bother me a bit.

My gym just bought a hex bar so I am selling my trap bar. No need to carry it to the gym any longer.