Hey Benavidez...

"Blood, sweat and sometimes tears,
Battered hands, countless fears;
Highest highs, lowest lows,
Shattered dreams, the hurt just grows.

Your smile shields the pain you hide,
All the while you're dead inside;
Your faith is absent, your will gives out,
NOW clear your mind, erase the doubt.

Everything that you have gave,
To feel self worth, thats all you crave;
The world stage, this is your role,
You break your heart, you sell your soul.

Stay the course, endure the pain, for you JOSEPH BENAVIDEZ, were born to entertain."

Pure-Heart, Clear Mind.
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Wtf? Phone Post 3.0

well.... i'm cool with you

Didn't he write that for uncle creepy? Phone Post 3.0

Senester - Didn't he write that for uncle creepy? Phone Post 3.0
Nah he writes for himself I believe, but UC enjoyed it and asked if he could use it Phone Post 3.0

JoshSanchez - 

HA! Win.

Love the dog gifs...those are great! Phone Post 3.0

Anderson Pettis - 



what in the fuck?

Rahjai - what in the fuck?
Benividez wrote that poem. OP is reciting it as a show of support. Phone Post 3.0