Hey Broncos Fans

I have followed Tatum Bell's career since he was a freshman and you guys got an unbelievable talent. If he wins the starting job outright and doesnt have to split carries he will put up tremendous numbers(1300+).

Tatum is a homerun threat EVERY time he touches the ball. He has ran off runs of over 90 yards for TD's more than a couple times. He is extremely fast and strong and can catch the ball out of the backfield very well. He doesnt have great open field moves he is more of a slasher. His biggest problem is he had a tendency to fumble the ball too much and at inopportune times(many times it was in the redzone), and he had some injury troubles. Im honestly not sure if he can play a full NFL season injury free he is not a really big guy but if he does he can put up Terrell Davis numbers. This guy was a good prospect out of high school and through his frosh and soph years he looked like he was a complete bust but he started lifting weights and working extra hard and his junior and senior years were tremendous and I believe he still has alot he can improve on so his upside is insane really. If he stays injury free and is the lone starter this guy will be talked about for a long time after hes done playing.