Ernest "the cat" is not entertaining. Has he wrestled before? I don't understand why he's taking up air time when all he does is dance and talk about his mama.

And that dude he's with is sooooooo gay with that fake afro wig down by his eyes.

The only way these two can get a pop is when they introduce a diva to come out and dance or strip.

I really hope they just go away.

Lamont is the shiznit. Someone betta tell my mama!

And as for your question, yes, he wrestled in WCW.

who is this lamont guy?

He was very entertaining in WCW imo. But they've fucked up by trying to make him nothing but dancing while at the same time giving him complete fucking dogshit music!! His old music was one of the only things I liked about hime. lol

Am I the only one that thinks his new theme song is decent?
It's not a hard song to sing either,anybody can sing it.

"Somebody call my mama!"

"Am I the only one that thinks his new theme song is decent? It's not a hard song to sing either,anybody can sing it."

Are you talking about his entrance music?!?! If so I absolutely hate it. I might like it if I didn't have to compare it to his old music.

the cat sucks. he needs to fall of the planet. quickly.

the cat rules

i cant get his intro song out of my head. "somebody call my momma, osmebody call my momma..." aaarghh...

Does nobody remember his old music?? It was actual old school music!! It was great!! lol

Courtesy of 1wrestling.com

"This week's edition of Smackdown did a 3.4 broadcast rating, with a six share, according to Nielsen Media Research. That is down from last week's 3.6.
The highest segment of the show was the 8:45 quarter hour, which did a 3.7."

This was the Vince/Cat dance segment that scored the strongest rating, beating on Brock, Benoit, The Guerreros and the rest of the boys.

While everyone should know by now that Vince is the strongest ratings draw, congrats to The Cat!

For better or worse, the sports entertainment skits continue to outperform the actual "in ring" wrestling time and time again!

It was all Vince.

I used to love The Cat's feud with Mark Madden, no matter what he was talking bout Cat would have to throw in shot about how fat Madden was.

LOL!! I love the Cat's new music!!! :)

I did, but that was after only hearing it once. :) It's not nearly as original funk as his old music was, but the CONSTANT "somebody call my momma" chorus won me over the other night. If he's on this Thursday then that will be when I make my final call. lol, but so far, I love the chorus. :)