Hey Everybody....

Just stoppin by to say hello and announce a couple of things.

Yes I'm fighting Werdum in London.

KRS-1 will be at Alliance Training Center March 29th
preforming Live from 4-10pm. MC Battle

Be here for a minute...

Shout Out to 619-757...... west coast to the east coast.

Where u at Capen?

hi brandon

The "TRUTH" will set you free!!

ttt for vera gl in your fight against werdum

757 Represent!

I saw your sister fight last year.

Good luck against Werdum.

Watch out for his slap!

when are you coming to sityodtong in boston!!?!?

much support Vera! good matchup.

Good luck in June.

Brandon, are you still thinking about going to down to 205 at some point or are you going to stay a heavyweight?

What it do B!!! Nice to see you posting in here. Tell Kerry I said Hi. :)

Brad, Im trying to find the flyer for it to post but its nowhere to be found...


How do you like having your own gym? Any tips for someone who dreams about being a great fighter and operating a great gym?

"What it do B!!!"


Paul Wall would laugh.


Thanks for stopping by!

How do U feel a match between Urself and Andre Arlovski would go, style wise.

And Are U considering going down to 205?

GDAY MATE!!!......
u bloody ripper!!! good match up mate!!!
how'z the training going??

Found it...

^^^ :)
big fan.....awesome fighter...
yes i ge excited easily

damn will u fight in the ufc again?