Hey Everyone, From KUWAIT!

Fortunately, I'm going home in a couple o'months when contract is over. I'm gonna get married when I get home so don't know if the wifey will let me do another contract job over here, but we'll see. She calls the shots............

You guys stay safe. Get that bas rutten workout to use in your barracks. I heard it's the best solo workout. I gotta get that shit!

As a vet myself, not a day goes by when I don't think of the soldiers in the Middle East.

God's speed, my friend.

Good luck! I was over there last year shooting Tomahawks. You've got my best wishes.


Thanx !
All the guys up here need it. Including myself.
My lil' brother is with 2/8 Grunts(USMC) in Afghanistan and my older bro is with Halli Burton in IRAQ. We all decided to come here(voluntarily) so we can do something good. These replies on my thread make it all worthwhile. You have no idea!

Thank you.

I know my fiancee' Chelsea reads these so hey Baby, I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU Terribly.


If someone can get in touch with Cesar Gracie for me I would really appreciate it! I sent him an e-mail but don't know if it was the right one. Also, tell Andreh Anderson to post here as well. I'm sure he's tearin' up the mats in SoCal!



ttt, glad you are comin back soon.

Thanx Damashi!
Besides talking to my fiancee' every , single day. This is my only other hobby over here. Getting on this forum and checking out what's going' on back home. I heard the last UFC was cool. I haven't even seen the PRIDE Bushido 1. Dammit! I just watched the Star Spangled banner being sang at the Pro Bowl on TV.
That was a chiller....... Don't forget the troops over here and have a good night!