hey everyone, prayers needed

Hey Everyone, Im going to Jerusalem from Feb 14th-25th, if you could all say a prayer for my safety and good times, I would appreciate it, Im a bit nervous, haven't been there in a long while, and it was much safer when i went, but Im going anyway. so say some prayers for me.

be safe and have good trip.

I have been there but only one day, so I canĀ“t give you any good tips apart from the usual tourist traps.

done....keep safe man

Good luck.

You'll probably be safer there than most places in the world. I guess the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE is on your list, my advice- try to avoid the conflicts between the various groups. Visit the Wall, it'll be great. I personally would not go to Nazareth now, its in PA territory and security there is awful, and you might walk into someone else's operation.


will do.

You got it bro

the rev

did it

thanks everyone.

Cool, will do bro.

Definitely visit the wall.

Amen! Right on.

will do

prayers said..have a great time buddy

yours in Christ


done! good luck and have a great time!