Hey from the beach!

breaking news: The SC underground blows! I will continue to post here because my new state forum is more dead than the AL UG has ever been!
I miss you guys!

News flash!!! Everything in SC blows, not just the UG.

The SC underground may suck but at least SC MMA isn't as bad as Alabama's.

 ooohhhh, I don't know...

 didn't you hear, we're getting a commission!

The mma scene is actually pretty good. Solid gyms, A Relson brown belt teaches near where I work. His number one student is UFC vet Nissen Osterneck.

We also have a Rigan Black Belt and a Relson Black belt here who teach BJJ.

First sanctioned legal event was here in Myrtle Beach three weeks or so ago and they had a paying gate of just over 4K, so it is pretty good so far.

I havent been training full time here yet, just BJ Penn styling it carrying rocks on the beach and stuff...jk.

Charleston is fun

 Yeah, I lived there for 7 years; went back for a vacation a few  years ago, too.  Great place.