Hey guys, can my buddy get some UG love?

A kid I know named Austin Craig just made his ammy debut last week in NY at Art of Combat 5. He won via first round armbar. This kid is old school, man. He has put in work in Thailand, Brazil and elsewhere to hone his abilities in preparation for his career, training 6 years before getting in the cage. He's looking to get some followers on Twitter. I'd like to help him get that. @ACraigMMA. Let's get him 1000 followers. Fight video in the next post.

Austin Craig v. Daryl Labour at Art of Combat 5

Austin is in the all black trunks.

Nice finish Phone Post

I don't know how to use twitter. But nice sub, hommie.

Ttt Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post


Ttt Phone Post

So,he has no desire to become a member & interact with the members?

Basically, just looking for handouts is what it sounds like.