Hey Guyz, New to IP Forum


i didnt say typing or spellin was a stron factor either

IT Forum* hahahahaha what a tard i am

i have answer and replied to a shit load of threads

i now need my weed fixor


Jerkie for IT mod


im a nerd im a nerd, immmmmm a nerd

god damn tech tv slogan in my head lol

Ninja Please..............nice job calling me an asshole when I was correct in my complaint about state of the motherboard industry.

Maybe if you had 1/5th of my ability and experience, you would be qualified to even comment on hardware.

Let me know when you can replace 32 bit DSPs with nothing but a soldering iron and a razor blade.

lol @ dip shit

wow, this is the most pressure I've ever seen in the IT forum since I've been on here.


tell me about it

pressure is on, LMFAO

read phony fucks reply again, LFMAO

u stupid fuck, hahahahahahahahahahahahah

never even called ya an asshole, u must have poped ur head up from blowing ur daddy and seen my post and miss read with that cumshot in ur eye

Okay, you are getting stupid now, this thread is pointless and going bye-bye-

Well, nevermind, my mod console won't work...

fin- How do you delete the entire thread at once? Is there a user's guide to modding? :)

this thread meant to go anywhere, it was to say hi to the IT Forum, thats all

delete away

Well, I think there are still problems being worked out with the news mods.

You can say hi to the IT forum, but don't insult it.

HeavyHands, i dont insult anyone on MMA.tv

i enjoy posting and readin shit

but when someone asks a question and i tell him my opinion and he then insults me, i dont hold back


as u can see by all my posts in the last few days, ive given lots of good advice


mod's delete this thread plzzzzz


"maybe the place u shop sux asshole" (from the thread above)

Sorry jerky. It was you who opened the floodgates of insult river.

ya the place, not u

so wtf, lol,

smoke some weed and relax