Hey kids don't try this at home...

but here's how to make a nuclear weapon in three easy steps...

Next up Marc Laimon shows us the fundementals of heelhookery so you can break every knee you ever see. Again please don't try this at home kids. I said please.

I hear for UFC 52 Marc is going to show the proper way to smash a beer bottle over someone's head.

how was this different than him showing the other moves people?He is educating the moron fans who don't get the ground game at all and then they will realize why a guy taps out when someone grabs their ankle or arm or whatever they may have a hold of.

Maybe people are mad because he didn't stress the severity of this move. Last time he showed a triangle choke and most people would tell their partner to stop the second they feel constriction when they of course tried it at home.

The heel hook is pretty much one of the most dangerous moves MMA has in regards to a quick troublesome injury. Sometimes it doesn't hurt until it's too late, especially for newbies. Does it hurt now? Not yet...POP!

could nt be worse then telling a tired Baroni to stay on the ground w/ Drago

LOL Cujo

i was thinking the same thing.When i heard him say heel hook i was like wtf?

Alot of amatuer shows dont even allow them but lets give a detailed instruction on how to shatter people knees-very irresponsable on Zuffa's behalfimo.

If something this tame bothered you then find a new sport. Golf and Nascar would love to have some more pusssy fans.

Do people still not get it? Solidsnake had it exactly: heel hooks cause a lot more accidental and potentially serious injuries than most moves. That's not the one you want to put out to any ignoramus who may be watching.