Hey Kipp!NAGA Hawaii trophy rottie

details here...


She'll be handing out some swords for the winners,... schhwwwiiiing!

she is pretty hot!!

I cannot waittt for NAGA Hawaii! :-)



working on some pics guys :-)

I've got a "sword" for her!! Better keep Kirik away from her!! lol

best I could do for now:

Okay I am swimming there to say Hi to her.

The remark about the need for a PA is very well taken, and as I remember has been taken care of.

Kirik- We can't let you be in the same gym with her, you'll have to ref the matches outside!! lol

Let me know when you guys get out here, will do some training..

Maybe Eric can bring the chick to roll to!!! lol



Kirik, she's mine man...stay back!!!


you fools are silly. she'll obviously go for the 5'6" 185 pound kid :)

DAAAAMMMMNNNNN she's fine! I'm going to Hawaii too!!!!

Sweet Jesus

is jjd JD Penn?

If so it's pretty cool that you come on here. Can you get BJ to come on here? He's has a million fans here and I'm one of them.

No I'm not JD Penn... Just jjd sorry!

Hey Mad Tiger, ur friend as u call him (baby zues) ask me 2 post on here and 2 ask u if u wanted 2 do a rematch or superfight against him.

3 t's

Huuum, Baby Zues calling out Mad Kitty!!!! Lets see it!!!