HEY LOOK! Another 1M Going To Ukraine!


Lol. Faggot shit.


Of course. Why not.

Fucking globalist scum.

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I hate Ukraine

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Good. They need our support

ukraine is that guy from that wayans movie that asked to suck everyones dick for 5$

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$999M goes to Biden and Co, Zelensky $1M.


Is Ukraine still standing? I havent hardly heard a damn thing in months it seems. I dont go looking for it but back in march/april it was unavoidable.

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Just this week Ukrainian forces wiped out an entire convoy of Russian commanders.

Russia is getting decimated. U.S. estimates are around 75,000+ invaders dead or incapacitated. That was last week so it could be closer to 80,000 now.

Turns out old school Soviet-era invasion strategies, which basically rely on a war of attrition and a bunch of your own men being killed by design, don’t work against modern weapons, intelligence, and counter-strikes.

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Lol…yeah yeah man, the Ukarinians are annihilating the Russians!!!

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Some girl from Kiev streams everyday, i would say nothing is happening in Kiev