Hey Look! The "Experts" Lied Again! Herd Immunity Likely Not Attainable In The USA!

We are reaching the tipping point, the majority of people in society are NOT getting the vaccine and big daddy government is beginning to realize this. I’m in a super liberal state with only about 40% of people vaccinated with very few getting it that haven’t already and they are rolling back to a form of LOCKDOWNS (businesses are being forced closed again) so they can strong arm people that don’t want an experimental drug shot in to them in to getting it, stating “once we get our vaccines numbers up, we can begin to go back to normal.”

Providing the option for vulnerable people to get the experimental vaccine should have been as far as the politicians were able to go. The rest of us should have then went back to our normal lives.

Fuck the politicians that have turned this vaccine in to some political statement, fuck the media for pushing it and trying to shame/strong arm people in to getting it, and FUCK YOU if you have even slightly attempted to guilt/persuade anyone outside of your immediate family to get it or go around telling everyone “DON’T WORRY, I GOT MY VACCINE”. I wasn’t worried before you spineless faggot.

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Nailed it

I dont think Ive seen many or any articles on any msm site, including Fox, that make sense on covid if you follow it through. Even if it didnt mutate, you cant obtain herd immunity without a shitload of people contracting it, so if your goal is to vaccinate or lockdown/distance, you’ve already committed to disregarding herd immunity, no?

i wasn’t afraid of the virus nor of the vaccines made to prevent it

what i’m afraid of is an economic collapse. no it is neither right nor fair that so many governments are essentially sending their citizens to bed without dinner until they do as they’re told and get vaccinated

but they are, and since i am unafraid of the vaccine (just as i’m unafraid of the flu shot and the number of immunizations I’ve had to get for travel) i think the pragmatic response is to render unto caesar what is caesar’s and help move past this to hopefully recreate an economy in which i was doing pretty well

You don’t get it. The government does not take your concession and go home. It takes your concession, grows like the sandman, demands more, puts more masks on your face, more restrictions on your business, more more more. That’s how it works.

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