Hey Matt need help with class

I have been approached to teach a class for a local community college. Generally, I shy away from these things. But, they are offering a nice financial shot I need right now. Here are the issues I am struggling with.
1. They are asking for it to be for females only.
2. It has to be very "pc".

I have watched alot of your training dvd's and the clips you offer on youtube and enjoy your "style" of teaching.

If you were in this position, how would you structure the class (it's just for a semester) as a trial run and a non credit.

Thanks for any tips.

Fundamental BJJ. My experience is women learn to fight quicker and better than most men do, especially with BJJ.


Hey Matt, the class is off. I sent in a syllabus detailing the course and structure with the core of the fundamentals of BJJ and some striking drills based on boxing. My idea being "how could someone expect to strike another person with any power and speed just by practicing palm strikes in the air"I was going to utilize the use of focus glove drills to work on technique etc. I also included topics of situational awareness, laws focusing on use of force etc etc. I thought it would be a good idea to include some minor physical conditioning ideas that could be presented over the course.

The response back from the college was " we were not aware that there would be so much physical contact".

Seriously,it's a class on self defense. I am sure they will find some yahoo to teach though, I'm not the right fit.

You did what you thought was right. Your curriculum sounded solid, it will be their loss.