hows come when we post stupid $hit on the UG you bring it here, then when we post stupid $hit here you delete it? I dont understand it, livin up a lil bit



THANK YOU GOKU, ive read a million racist posts on here and they just let em go, i could say NIGGER in this post (im mixed first off so dont freak that i said that) and they'd just let it go, but when there is just a post to have fun it gets erased

so much bull$hit you clogged the $hitter

tt freakin t


so hows come when ya dont need em they are around, and when ya ask ema question there not?

so as of right now, 125 views are on this thread, all of which are mods Im sure and still no replys


TTT for OMA(tm) slappin your faces

blah blah blah