hey Mr Twuntington

Hey I'm be around tonight..

Any chance we can head out to here and make a few sandcastles:

I want:

I'll buy ya a beer :-)

 Yes, on condition of you paying for that fucking second month!

:-) ok

See ya at NUMBER 7...

I think the mask is the only drop i want..



I will be listen to fine jazz and drinking vintage Czech lager during our Instance.

 I will be typing torrents of abuse and sipping a vintage Pepsi Max as I'm booked as a fucking kid transporter later

Damn thats harsh....

Is that gord aka reefman? The gnome i mean....

I doubt it - its just a random Google image..

I love that mask...fave non-purple headgear in the game.

i thought it was reefman too lol. he had that mask for a while.

You had more of a fleck in yer beard :-)

Thanks Guys - I haz new hat and mittens.



I said, no problem.....

Since it was no problem :-)