Hey Ouchi-gari!

I'm going to be in Seattle for 10 days in mid January. Any chance I could work out with you guys? Or is everybody shut down at that time?

Ben Reinhardt

Sorry I didn't get to this. Sure come on by anytime!

All the info you may need is at this following link:


If you want to drop by and say Hello to Istvan Lovas. Budokan is about 2 blocks away from my dojo.


Email me at oouchi_gari@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

How is Istvan Lovas? Did he compete in the last World Masters?

Ben if you see him make sure you tell him I said hello.

Well, big false alarm on my part.

My wife told me she wanted to attend a "Prenatal Yoga" teachers training course in Seattle for 10 days. So I went to the computer to look it up and get the registration forms for her, make hotel reservations, etc, etc. What I found was that there was no such event in Seattle, but the teacher is from Seattle.

Needless to say, I won't let her forget that brain fart for a while!

Thanks for response, maybe we will go for vacation anyway.

Ben Reinhardt

Hey Ben,
I hear Atlanta is a nice place to visit.

Atlanta? It's way to big for me. I hear there are a couple of guys there who do Judo, though.

Ben R.

Atlanta's not that big. I find that the city thinks they're a baby N.Y. or a little L.A., Ca.

There's a little judo here. I'll let Leo White know that. LOL. Speaking of Atlanta judo. I worked out with Mark Fletcher last evening.

"There's a little judo here. I'll let Leo White know that. LOL. Speaking of Atlanta judo. I worked out with Mark Fletcher last evening."

You can also tell Gary Berliner too.

Did you take your beating like a man?

Ben R.

Hey guys I live in Atlanta and would like to take up judo - what is up with all these jokes about Atlanta?! I have heard of Leo White's great competition career. I have also heard of Steven Alphabet since I've been long time friends with one of his students Willie Spears (but never did judo with him, I know its a shame). What can you guys tell me about the judo scene in Atlanta?


Did you take your beating like a man?

Yes we only did a little newaza, but yes. I took it. We're teammates. I remember when he was younger he was still difficult to handle. Very strong.


What's your name? I know Willie. I work out with him often when he's not too busy. As a matter of fact I saw him a couple of weeks ago. Stephen ABC is our sensei. Drop by......145 Ralph Magil Blvd. Between Piedmont and Courtland. You can see the Atlanta Civic center from his front door.

When I see Dr. Gary I'll let him know.

Thanks, FAMLIMAN ! With any luck I'll be at nationals this year to compete in Master's again. Maybe I'll see you there.

Ben R.

Hello Familman, my name is Steven Abood (secret identity revealed!). Willie Spears is one of the nicest guys I ever met - we were in undergraduate school together, I think he was a few years older than me. We unfortunately haven't kept in touch that much but I saw him out of the blue one day and he was kind enough to invite me to his wedding which I attended. I wish I would have began judo all those years ago! Right now I am very beat up and have been rehabing the past few months and getting prolotherapy from a number of injuries. Rehab is going very well but I am a bit hesitant to start something as high impact as judo (I have a rib injury too). I've mostly been doing brazilian jiu-jitsu the last 5 years. The injuries are mostly from thai boxing in the years before that and not taking care of my body.

"Thanks, FAMLIMAN ! With any luck I'll be at nationals this year to compete in Master's again. Maybe I'll see you there."

I plan on being there. Will you be at 73kg again?
I'll probably be at 81kg this year.


How did you hurt your rib? I injured my rib last week. As I understand for me it's called Slipping Rib Syndrome. Prolotherapy was recommended. I'll have to contact my doctor. Send me your email address if you don't mind.


Where do you get your prolotherapy treatments? Which Doctor?

Hey Familian, no problem, my e-mail is abood23@hotmail.com
I get prolotherapy with Dr. Alan Lippitt (M.D.) - his phone # is (404) 577-5455, and address is 315 Boulevard NE, Suite 336, Atlanta, GA 30312. I think there are only like 3-4 other doctors in Atlanta who do prolotherapy and only 2 are M.D.s and none of those were covered by my insurance. Right next to his office there is a physical therapy place and a physical therapist named Dave (sorry don't know last name) is highly recommended by a few different doctors all over Atlanta and has helped me a lot.

As far as my rib, it happened in Feb, when I was training jiujitsu with a team in Florida after coming back from Rorion's tournament in L.A. - I was under a pretty big guy in half guard or something and I escaped my hips (shrimping in wrestling)and my ribs for some reason went in and went out and there was a loud pop and it was the worst pain ever immediately it got inflamed. I haven't even asked the doctor about prolo for my ribs since I'm scared to get injected there!

The areas I've gotten injections for are left and right shoulders, right hip, left elbow, left knee and both ankles. He focused mainly on my left shoulder and right hip for quite a few weeks.

I just heard about that judo seminar - too bad I'll be in Cleveland then :( !