Hey Rumble... It's Time!

Was Anthony Perosh getting injured a blessing in disguise for Anthony Johnson? I think it's the perfect opportunity for DFW to bring him into the UFC again to fight Joey Beltran on short notice. What does the UG think? Phone Post

That's a good idea Phone Post

TTT for a great idea for a great fighter. Phone Post

That would be awesome! Maybe not for Beltran but he doesn't seem to mind a beating now and then as we've seen in his earlier fights Phone Post

AJ wrecks half of the 205'ers now.

... he's got some confidence... and can eat Twinkies too.

It would be a war. I wouldn't count out the mexicutioner because he can take more punishment than anyone I've seen. Rumble would have to have his cardio on point. I'd say Rumble by UD. Phone Post

Can he make 205? Phone Post

Fuck Joe Silva, hire Gfropr. Phone Post

That would be a good comeback fight.He's looked impressive in his last few fights, even though not against the best competition.He would be a good addition to the 205 lbs division. His standup has looked very good. Phone Post

Brock Lobster - Fuck Joe Silva, hire Gfropr. Phone Post

I whole heartedly agree. I want that Joe Silva money! Phone Post