Hey yanks - time to take over Kanada

Looks like blackface (male feminist racist) might win again…

The one with the common sense with conservative valuewise waving the white flag… Unfucking real…

In before Canadians start bringing up 1812.

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I truly am sorry to hear this. The game is rigged.


It looks like all of my mail-in ballots did the trick.

Sorry buds


I assure you, when the Kanuckers “invade” the US with legit work visa’s (and fully vetted), that Black Dougie would give a thumbs up?

I’m not sure about that black dougie homo, but Black Doug would definitely give a thumbs up, as long as they aren’t hosers.

Thank you master - we cool I assume?

Weak people LOVE being dominated.

This is why women and gays are STILL enthralled by British royalty.


Of course?

There are quite of ton of us that are not imo…

CPC sold out on gun control, gay marriage and they ran a tranny candidate in Victoria while doing nothing to fight medical tyranny.

Fucking fake ass faggot pseudoconservatives deserved to lose to blackface.


Canada is done… Yanks, learn from this (aka, how left leaning extreme’s can overtake the rationale)…


We are having our own major issues at the moment here in the United (Divided) States and I don’t think we can be of much service.

Let us hope we don’t end up like Rome.


Whatever Quebec and Ontario want, the rest of Canada gets…

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Please invade or annex us


More lockdowns, more restrictions, likely going to be tied down and vaxxed and jabbed again every 6 months. A life of civil liberties continuing to be infringed upon and needles oh yes.

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the west coast votes didn’t even count, passes me off

Yup. The right is completely clueless about what’s going on in the country and how to reverse course, even the CPC. They have no solutions or long term goals.

I have to wonder if party members quietly realize the country has been conquered so they’re just trying to be as nonconfrontational as possible to get elected for the gold plated pensions.