Hey younger siblings. How bad did you get whooped?

How bad did your older sibling whoop your ass when mom and dad weren't around?

What're some stories of your older brother or sister beating you up?

Also any good retaliation stories would be ok too.

My sister is 8years older than me. I had zero chance other then sneak attacks (which would get me really bad beatdowns).

One of her favourite things to do, was stuff me in the drawer under her bed and not let me out. She'd slide me out every once in a while to pound on me, then push me back in. Phone Post 3.0

My brother and his friends were 3 years older and beat me down daily for a few years. Then i got a bb gun and shit changed. I shot them when they pissed me off and they stopped beating me up at my house. Then one day i was fishing up the road from my house and one of them tried to pick me up and throw me in the lake. He ended up with a fishing hook stuck in his face. After that they pretty much left me alone. Phone Post 3.0

My brother is 4 years older than me. He never really straight up hit me...he always disguised it lol I remember when he started karate around 10 years old, he asked me (6 years old) if I wanted to get on the trampoline and learn some of his moves. I was ecstatic! We went to the back yard, he jumps on the trampoline, I had to pull myself onto it because I was short but as soon as I pulled myself up and stood he kicked me right in the chest sending me flying off the trampoline and knocking the wind out of me. I retaliated by cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush. Phone Post 3.0

My bother is 6 years older then me. He whooped my ass once or twice, nothing consistent. I'd say the worst part being a younger sibling was never getting to play on his Sega Genesis/Nintendo. Mother fucker would never share anything. Phone Post 3.0

I am the one who whoops.

Brother is three years older, but was small for his age.  We had some good fights

My oldest brother is 6 years older than me.

He was also a wrestler. Placed in state 3 times in high school. However, he would beat the hell out of me constantly even before he started wrestling.

He would beat the piss out of me with his wrestling skills. But when I started wrestling in 6th grade, I was ahead of everyone else.

One time though, I wan't to say I was around 4-5, he was beating me up something fierce and chased me into the kitchen. I grabbed a big knife from the drawer and told him if he came any closer I'd kill him.

He lunged at me, meaning to scare me more then anything. But I was so scared that I just closed my eyes and swung the knife. Ended up giving him about a 4 inch gash across his face. He started screaming and I knew I was in deep shit, so I ran outside and hid in the woods until it got dark and my dad came home and told me to come out of the woods "or else"


My older brother taught me how to take a punch. Phone Post 3.0

I thought this thread would deliver for sure Phone Post 3.0

My older bro did it occasionally. Until I was about 13 and I was bigger than he was. Last fight we got in when I was 15 I got the best of him with the hands. So he pulled a knife and I grabbed up an aluminum bat. He backed off and we've never fought again. Phone Post 3.0

Ray Irizarry - My older bro did it occasionally. Until I was about 13 and I was bigger than he was. Last fight we got in when I was 15 I got the best of him with the hands. So he pulled a knife and I grabbed up an aluminum bat. He backed off and we've never fought again. Phone Post 3.0

I remember any time my oldest brother beat me up, I'd think "One day, I'm going to be older and bigger and I'm gonna kick his ass"

Then that day came and I didn't give a shit about it anymore.

Isaac Bickerstaff -

I had some knock down and drag out fights with my big sister.  She taught me to take women seriously when you fistfight them.

Haha! You should say that in a speech at her wedding! Phone Post 3.0

My mum and dad must of gone through hell with me and my brother.
2 years older than me.
He would always start it and end up hurting me and take it too far. I would go into my little red mist stage and lose my shit and that's when my brother would run like hell and lock him self in the bathroom.

I beat the toilet door down with the metal hover tube to get to him.
That was until the mist cleared and I realised what I did and then panic and fear crept in knowing I was going to get a major ass whooping from my dad.
Some truly epic fights we had in the streets over the park put each other in hospital

Now I'll kick my brothers ass all day everyday Phone Post 3.0

I rarely got beat up but constantly lived under the threat of it and also for years I had it hanging over my head that I took a leak on the side of our house during daylight.
That slight leverage was responsible for being made to eat two jars of peanut butter at once with no breaks, nothing to drink. Phone Post 3.0

My brother was 6.5 years older than me. Our next to last fight was around my 7th or 8th grade year, and he got me pretty good.

Our last fight was during the spring of my Jr. year of H.S. He was trying to tell me to do something, I was going to do it later (I want to say that it was related to mowing our crazy big yard - 3 hours on a tractor big)... I wanted to wait until 4ish to start, he wanted me to start at 10 AM. He got in my face, I took him down and choked him as needed.

Keep in mind, he was a basketball player and track/cross country athlete. I wrestled and played football. There may be a reason that after I hit H.S. we only had one physical encounter - because I got bigger than him around my freshman year in H.S.

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fahker - If you post in here I'm going to get you motherfucker.

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My brother is 10 yrs older than me.
He never really straight out beat me but was much more creative in tormenting me.
One time he bound my hands and feet,smeared honey across my forehead,stuck grains to the honey and hung me upside down by my ankles in our chicken coop.
Then stood back and laughed his ass off as like 10 chickens swarmed and pecked the fuck out of my head occasionally stepping in to protect my eyes. Phone Post 3.0

I have two older brothers, two and four years older than me respectively.

They both used to smack me around a little bit, nothing serious. One time my oldest brother tried to choke me so I punched him in the jaw pretty solid, rarely anything escalated beyond that point.

Few years ago I was traneing UFC pretty seriously though, and my older (not oldest) brother wanted to "spar." I brought him to my gym thinking that'd be like when we used to do TKD together, nice light pace with a good rhythm.

Well, older brother decided that he was going to go hard as he could, and I took full power kick to the gut before I thought, "Fuck this."

I blasted him a few times, then I doubled legged him and slammed him. He was gassed and tapped out. He lasted about a minute. I had another teammate jump in to finish the round to rub it in a little.

None of my brothers want to fight me anymore.