Heyman: Rousey would be great in the WWE

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                                Heyman: Rousey would be great in the WWE

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                    <p>Paul Heyman, the man who helped transition Brock Lesnar from WWE to UFC Champion and back to WWE Champion believes another UFC star would make a great wrestler:</p>

"Ronda would be great in WWE," Heyman told FOX Sports, "especially as a Paul Heyman girl."

"She understands the shelf life that she would both enjoy and ultimately suffer," Heyman said. "She's constantly upping her game. She's never complacent. She's never satisfied with her performance. And she knows there are people right now that are studying her to the umpth degree that are looking to take away from her when she has. Ronda is cognizant of the fact that are last fight was great, but the next fight she better be even more qualified, because everybody is studying her and looking for any opening they can find to stop her momentum and become the person in her spot."

Those are qualities that could also allow her to transition to pro wrestling, which is far harder than most people understand.

"She has absolutely unlimited potential and is a true mainstream star," Heyman said "And she's someone who has an appreciation for and passion for the industry."

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she would be the king mo of wwe

Proud tradition of judo greats doing pro wrassling - Judo Gene of course, Allen Coage, Ogawa, etc.

It would be like if Jon Jones went over to the WWE.

He'd end up a terrible heel. The best heels are those who think they are the good guy/girl.

man meets tate -

honda is ready

Ha! Thats actually awesome!

Cindy Phone Post 3.0

^^^^ Cool as shit.

Lux Fixxins - 
None So Blind - Proud tradition of judo greats doing pro wrassling - Judo Gene of course, Allen Coage, Ogawa, etc.
Junkyard dog Phone Post 3.0

You mean bad news brown?

I'd watch but I doubt WWE would pay her anywhere near what UFC would. Maybe give her 500k-1 mil for a WrestleMania match but that's about it. They don't pay the girls shit that they have now.

Would be a once or twice off only deal. Can't see her working within the current 'divas' ideal, who in ring are very limited.

She won't do the inter gender thing either, wwe just don't do that anymore. The Chyna years are done. Phone Post 3.0

She's a huge WWE fan. 

Better chance of Rousey-Cyborg in WWE than UFC