So i was out shoping with my son today at the Nordstrom Rack, when something really weird and disturbing happened. To be honest it was freakishly frightening.

We came upon this weird looking man who's look was unmistakable. I said to my son, "wow look son that's the guy from that cartoon!". My son didn't know what i was talking about, but i guess they don't play it anymore.

So here's the scary part. This guy begins to follow us around the store while chomping down hamburgers like crazy and even held one up to his eye, pretending its a camera or something. i grabbed my son's hand and began to serpentine through the isle of clothes. It's a good thing he wasn't very fit due to his glutonous devouring of hamburgers. We hid under a rack of clothes, and waited for him to leave. We could hear him mumbling to himself, always repeating his sentences twice (really weird). We managed to elude him, but his image will forever be burned into our brains. My son still has not stopped crying :(

*HG Help!?

"wow look son that's the guy from that cartoon!".

^let me guess the guy who always eats the burgers..i think it was in Pop Eye..not sure



Man if I was being stalked by bald, mustachioed weirdos I'd move states.

Holy shiet guys that's HIM!!! I found this official mug shot of the guy:


son awakens from sleep shivering, sweating, and yelling "NOOOOOO Mister J Wellington Wimpy!!!!"


Am I due for "clock choke" from Onzuka for starting the whole Mike = Wimpy from Popeye thing?

^^^Yes, i place total blame on you Rabello

Har har. Someone is going to sleep early. I'm sure it's more embarassing to be tooled by a chubby bald guy that looks like wimpy huh? I still win!

goes back to ice cream bowl

^^^lol Remember Mike Rabello admitted that it was ALL his fault...

points at Rabello and says "whoa boy, you goin get it"

Rabello is training to get to the top of his game, being the best sports news caster.

smart I wish Leahey would do the same so his commentary makes sense.

OUCH^!! lol

am I right?

Baroni's dominating the 1st rd then gasses bad... and lies there in kalas guard.

Off spurts Leahey about how Kala has turned the fight around and is stealing the rd.. bla blah

#1 he did nothing to do so, Baroni gassed. #2 Baroni didnt take on no damage from those shots within the guard.

SO I fail to see the big hubub about how he "turned the fight around and was making such a big deal about it.

imho It would be like me trying to commentate on baseball or curling, things ive never done before, sure I could get away with it if I had "the voice" but read between the lines and you could tell I barely knew a thing.

Thats what I get from Leaheys commentating. Ronesian he's good imo,but kind of nasally. lol

*Soooo, about these cavemen at Nordstrom's.......

"about these cave mans in Nordstrom"

what about em ?