HG on Sidekick Question

anyone know how the hell do i open the new HG on my sidekick?  when the new site loads it will only allow me to go the Underground or the Otherground, but the State forum link is not "live." 

i will email you link, and you will thank me. coming to your phone now.

 You should have got an


^^that's a good phone. still waiting on next gen smart phones for release over the summer.

i never buy first generation technology. or first generation fashion, for that matter. right now i'm rocking the sleeveless flannel, long denim shorts, and Doc Martins.

^If you had an iPhone, you wouldn't have those issue.

 please send me linky FCTV

SK's are not just phones, they are a lifestyle.


thanks for the SK link FCTV.

tjay, i'll aim u