HGH test coming soon

Major League Baseball, declaring its drug-testing program is stronger than even the Olympics' curriculum, hopes to have a blood test available next season that will catch players using human growth hormone.

"We're cautiously optimistic," said Gary Green, a UCLA doctor and consultant for MLB. "Talking to the commissioner (Bud Selig), if the test becomes widely available, he certainly would be in favor of getting that implemented."

The blood test, developed under the oversight of the World Anti-Doping Agency, was used on a limited basis in the 2004 and '06 Olympics. Now it will be available for mass use within months, said Olivier Rabin, WADA director of science. "This is great news," he said, "because we strongly believe that human growth hormone is abused in sports."

Use of the blood test would have to be collectively bargained with the MLB players union. Union chief Don Fehr declined to comment.

"If there is a valid blood test," MLB spokesman Rich Levin said, "I'm sure baseball will consider it."

The NFL said it is not aware of the test. Union chief Gene Upshaw said he is opposed to blood testing: "There's no way I'm having my guys punched for a blood test every time they walk into a locker room."

If the HGH test kits are developed by December, Green said, it could take several months for MLB to ensure their accuracy.

Rob Manfred, MLB's chief labor lawyer, says baseball's policy is the best in American sports because of its stringent standards in detecting testosterone. But Gary Wadler, a leading expert, says MLB falls short in the frequency of tests and scope of banned substances.

Contributing: Larry Weisman


OK? Got it?


"cautiously optimistic"

I think it'd be cool. But I think it'll be a while until we see it in boxing/MMA. I have to guess that this will be more of a baseball thing. Gene Upshaw, the president of the NFL players union is totally against it from the sounds so, I don't think we're going to see it in the NFL either for a while.

It's a useless test.  It can only detect HGH when it's been very recently administered.

you could just measure some of these guys domes and watch how unnaturally bigger they get over time...

cough Antonio Silva cough


as tank says "Tito can smoke in the rain".

Hey, Vince McMahon claimed back in the early-90s to be able to test for HGH.

Vince meant when he takes HGH he can tell if it's real or not.



thats all we need, more test

Only retards get caught in the testing game.  Its unreal how easy it is.  Shit even the tested powerlifters are on tons of sauce.  lol 

shit, nick diaz wont put red 40 in his system, what makes you think he would use hgh

Drug testing in pro sports is an absolute joke, especially in baseball. If you really care if your athletes are using, you should at least test for all testable illegal drugs. I'm no expert, but it seems like the only orgs that test thouroughly are the Olympics and MMA (not sure which orgs, states,etc.)

And I do think MMA should test after every fight and randomly if the athletes are under contract with an org. I am also aware that there are plenty of Olympians and such that use drugs (performance enhancing or not), but it will always be a battle between the testers and the athletes to see who can get away with it. This will always be the case as many top athletes are willing to die to achieve sports greatness.

Good, take them all to the cleaners.