HHH injury video

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lol @ the people callin the injury a work

say what you will about HHH... fucker is TOUGH and is a trooper. This wasn't as crazy as how long he kept the match going (and even got a walls of jericho put on) during his last quad tear but you can't say this guy is a prima donna...

You gotta laugh at orton screwing up yet again though


Watch it quick. YouTube is pretty good about pulling WWE videos.

Can't possibly be that serious of an injury if he kept doing those spots that had him constantly slamming his knee into the mat and the table.

That is if it's actually an injury. It kind of seemed like he forgot about the knee during the chair and table spots. He's standing right there on it like it's not even hurt. I don't care how hyped up your are, if you tear your quad you won't be standing up much less bumping on it.

LOL @ the conspiracy theorists.

You guys are right, he's not really hurt. The surgery by Dr. Andrews was a work.


He's right, remeber when TTT really tore his quad the first time he couldn't stand up after it snapped.

So this time he can keep doing spots after tearing it?

Its a work to make TTT look like the "wounded warrior" who will fight even after being hurt.

He probably will take a month or two off for a vaction and will return in March or Apirl and book himself to win the HW title again.

"Notice, the ref putting up the "X" sign w/ his arms (legit injury sign)."

eh they threw up the "X" sign during the RVD vs. Lashley spot 2 ECW tv shows ago...same show when Balls legitimately loss teeth/tooth.

"Its a work to make TTT look like the "wounded warrior" who will fight even after being hurt."

I'm sure the surgery is a work too. And the fact that wrestlemania plans have to be redone is a work too!!

How the hell do you know he had surgery? Where you there? Did you assist the surgeon or something. Where you a nurse?

So how to do you know he had surgery? because you read it on the internet? Like the WWE can't put out a bullshit report.

comeon man, Like I said all you have to do is look at his real injury the first time. The guy had to carted out on a strecther right after he popped, he went down and didn't get back up, but this time hes doing spots through tables and taking bumps for 10 minutes afterward.

Get real.

last time the match kept going as long as it did this time or more, he got put in a walls of jericho after the injury even...

it's also been said a number of times that this injury was less severe than the last one (hence shorter recovery time, tho still after WM)

It's pretty obvious he's hurt, they blow pretty much every spot he's in from the injury on, and he's barely limping around.. it's just impressive he's doing the match at all.. esp in a tag match where he could have (and many would) have rolled out and let his partner finish the match with a sped up ending.

Correct, the match kept going last time but HHH wasn't doing any spots that involved bumping on his knees.

It's very hard for me to believe that he blew his knee out and then took two bumps that involved him falling to his knees, one of which was on the table outside that didn't break. With a torn quad, I doubt he'd even be able to stand up on the table much less bump on it.

I don't doubt HHH's toughness but come on. They are working you guys.

torn quad can mean a lot of things...

the injury that took him out for about a year was a complete separation of one of his muscles, that "torn quad" is definitely a far bigger injury than this one. I've never heard a clarification for total/partial, or specific muscle or region that was pulled.

They are 'working us' in the sense that they are playing up the injury on RAW and fishing for sympathy to help fuel a big comeback (esp now they know he'll be back in 3-4 months and not a year or more)...

but he is injured, did have some surgery for it, is out for a few months, and is a tough SOB for continuing to wrestle the match.

If he hadn't hurt himself in the middle of a PPV match, or if he were a "lesser" (pushed) talent, they sure would not be giving the injury the air time they are.

"How the hell do you know he had surgery? Where you there? Did you assist the surgeon or something. Where you a nurse?"

I just like this statement, especially considering it was edited.