HHH needs to rebuild everything

As A fan I would like to see established teams working together that have longevity. To be honest, there are guys that wouldn’t have had the career longevity that they did if they weren’t in an established team. I’m not interested in seeing two random people thrown together every week and broken apart in two weeks. How many teams has Chad Gable been in?

I want to see established teams like the Steiners, Road Warriors, Rock&Roll, Midnight, Fantastics, Usos, New Day, Hardys, Dudleys.

WWE needs a strong IC title picture and needs to be featured more. Lots of stars were given strong pushes with the IC title on the way to the WWF championship in their career. Bret, Shawn, Randy Savage, Randy Orton. Hell, the WM3 IC title match even turned Ricky Steamboat into the NWA champion, lol.

Cruiserweights need to return in a BIG way. Almost everybody on NXT and NXTUK are under 205lbs. Bring back 205Live from the performance center and feature the Cruiserweights on either Raw or Smackdown.

Too many title belts. This is becoming the “participation trophy” era in WWE. Keep only

WWE Champion
WWE Womens Champion
IC Champion
Cruiserweight Champion
WWE Tag Team Champions

NXT champion
NXT Womens Champion
NXT Tag Team Champion.
People shouldn’t be languishing on NXT for years and years. There should be a quick turnover there. If you don’t have it or aren’t close to being main roster in a couple of years, then they need to go away. Send them to Booker T in Houston or Al Snow in OVW or to Konnan in Tj to get them what they need.

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Revive Superstars TV tapings on Saturday mornings. Use it for interview segments, contract signings, pull-aparts, debuting talent and throw in a cruiserweight title defense and an IC Title defense, Tag Title defense once a month. Have an occasional title switch where an established champion suffers a surprise loss to someone getting their first IC title run or Tag Title run. Then move the feud to RAW and Smackdown.


Kill the 24/7 belt and bring back the hardcore belt, has to be done right though.

Karrion Kross being brought back and put in the position he’s in… Not really a fan of it. I don’t find him that great.

I want the King of the Ring brought back, as an actual PPV with a Summerslam title shot on the line.

Survivor Series needs to get rid of the Raw vs Smackdown gadbage. Bring back actual classic elimination 4 - 5 man tag matches.

Bring back more sex appeal for the TV 14. More tits and ass.

More behind the scenes spots. Blowing shit up and car crashes and tossing people in lakes.

PPV’s need actual stages. Themed stages were awesome. Sucks when the Royal Rumble looks like an episode of RAW.

Bring back legends for GM roles.

Retire the US and Universal championship.

Keep the WWE belt, IC, Hardcore, 1 tag, womens belt and women’s tag belts.


The problem WWE has is who is fucking believable as an actual threat to beat Roman? They’ve spent the last 1.5 years burying pretty much everyone on the roster (including part timers, legends, people no longer with the company, etc) to put Roman over.
Who are we supposed to actually think is gonna beat Roman?
To give you an idea - it’s gonna be Drew vs Roman at the castle PPV (maybe now a triple threat with Kross in the mix).
Drew has lost something like 20+ straight matches to Roman.
And he’s one of the most credible threats on the entire roster.
They damn near have to bring someone else back (a la Kross) or elevate someone completely new (a la Theory - who isn’t ready for that level, yet).
Of course, that’s all not taking into account they want Roman / Rock at Mania, which while it might be a draw, it just as predictable as Roman / Cena was last summer - Rock ain’t hanging around after a match to be champion.

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Cody should be the guy but that’s possibly complicated

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I don’t think they should bet the farm on Cody until he comes back and shows that him being over has some staying power.
Yeah, he’s got great reactions upon coming back, but you can’t put all that down to just him, either - you gotta take the extenuating circumstances into account.
I mean, it wasn’t that long ago he was working his ass off in AEW, putting guys over, & taking some pretty crazy bumps and still getting X-pac heat from damn near everyone in the crowd.


the WWE audience is not as fickle as the AEW audience (and is also typically covered up with fake crowd noise)

put cody in at #1 and have him win the rumble

Have somebody fuck up the 24/7 title, declare it the 24/7 hardcore title, shoot more grocery store matches, profit.

Kross takes one of Romans belts, holds until Bray returns.

Cody wins Rumble, goes over Roman clean.


Drew McIntyre is being misused and its criminal. His character should be the take no prisoners no-nonsense bad ass that Sheamus, Roman and Hangman Adam Page wish they were.

Drew is educated, speaks well, physically dominant, handsome, and charming. He should be the face of British wrestling for WWE. He should be on British GQ. Instead he is carrying around a sword that was hanging in Vince McMahon’s office. Hopefully HHH remedies this.


Might be an unpopular opinion but I enjoyed Jinder Mahal as the WWE Champion. It was different and I really enjoyed seeing someone else besides Cena, Orton, Lesnar, AJ Styles get an opportunity. I think that HHH should bring him back alongside Veer Mahan and the Bollywood Boys. He could be a heel champion. Make him an Alberto del Rio clone.

Bring back Alberto del Rio and Ricardo. The pop they get would be awesome.

Lucha House Party was actually cool. Nice change of pace in a show. Give them a legit chance and let them work and they could probably make some people look great.

Alberto is a piece of shit human being and the only reason I’d ever wanna see him would be so Cro Cop could kick him in the head again.


I like Cesaro but I think that he got stale in WWE. Could reunite him with Sheamus. I liked the Bar and I always saw them as APA 2.0. Shoot skits where they are in Irish Pubs kicking ass or they are in tuxedos in casinos in Switzerland doing James Bond skits. Feud them with the Usos or the Street Profits. I actually think that the SPs need to toughen up their image a bit. A bar room brawl with the Bar could do it for them.

::Underneath guy looking for protection backstage::

Gives Sheamus and Cesaro a personal check.
Cesaro: “A personal check?!, who writes a check, get outta here…!”

Sheamus: ::takes check:: “If this check bounces, so do you fella”

I kinda forgot about all that. Nevermind him.

Theory is going to get one of those belts.

Cody winning the Rumble would be too predictable. I’d hope they’d find another way for him.

I’m still not used to Cody being back in WWE.

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Send out Walter, as Walter. Have him chop the living shit out of the entire Bloodlines. Then put the strap on him. Have Walter call out AEW. Start interpromotional fued. Fans rejoice.


Bring back Freddie prinze jr. He storyboarded 6 months in advance for everyone.


This is fucking beautiful.

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Nakamura got fucked after his Royal Rumble victory. He has been treading water for a few years now. HHH needs to fix this. Increase the production values on his entrances, let the crowd sing along with his entrance and have him work a more intense style once the bell rings. Let him dust off a couple of old moves. Who cares if he isn’t good on the microphone here. He doesn’t need to talk. Ron Simmons got “DAMN” over. Send someone out to cut a promo on Nakamura and then send Nakamura out to grab the mic and say “COME ON!”

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I bet Adam Cole is pissed he left WWE right now. Triple H would have pushed his tiny ass to the moon.