HHHHHH pissy about NWA women's PPV event

Everyone knows that the all women’s WWE PPV “Evolution” was a failure, both in ratings and revenue. WWE declined to make it an annual event, and has been shedding talent (both male and female) in drastic cost-cutting measures over the past year.

Rinky-dink NWA has hired Milfy James, and has announced they will be having an all-women’s PPV this fall. For this to work, it would likely require cross-promotion with Impact/AEW/AAA to have a complete event, but if that was the case, the talent on television would be substantial.

HHHHHHHHHH, when asked about NWA’s plans, said “If you want to wrestle the best women in the world, come to WWE. That’s where they are. If you want to go elsewhere and say that they are, that’s an opinion, and you can. I’m all for it and one of the biggest drivers of it … In my opinion, the best female performers in the world are in WWE and if they are not, they want to be.”

IMO, WWE used to have the best collection of female talent in wrestling. They might likely still have the best women’s roster, but have missed the boat on rising talent that became excellent elsewhere, and released so many talented performers that the competition has improved by default.

If WWE has such a good women’s division, why is it booked so fucking poorly? Why is Asuka still so abused? Why do the large majority of women pray to get in a single 3-minute match, no different that pre-Women’s Revolution? Why do women’s characters change on a whim, with radical repackaging taking place with no notice, then reversed or ignored? (Case in point: Liv Morgan). Teams are created, and one half of the team is released mid-program, with no warning or explainable reason.

Meanwhile, the women outside the WWE, both former and never-employed by HHH, is improving, and wrestle for promotions that take the women’s division seriously.

I think WWE has completely lost the plot, and wish NWA all the best with their PPV. Regardless of how it’s booked, I am a fan of women’s wrestling (when booked correctly, with women in better roles and plots).

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The 4 way Women’s match at the first All In was great, Serena Deeb vs. Riho at Double or Nothing was great, Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Shida at DoN was great. and so was Britt vs. Thunder Rosa in their hardcore match. What do all of those women have in common? None of them work for WWE, or were ever at the top of the WWE roster. I think if NWA does this right (and yes, they will need AEW’s help), they can at least break even. You can’t underestimate Mickie James, either. I wish I could remember which one it was, but there was a fairly recent PPV women’s match she produced that made me respect her mind for the business.

I don’t even want to ask how WWE is currently shitting on Asuka.

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Case in point - Carmella, too.

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And for the record - TNA / Impact has routinely shit all over WWE’s women’s division (often with a lot less talent) for years.
WWE likes to take credit for the “women’s revolution”. TNA was doing shit with their Knockouts years before WWE could even comprehend the idea.
If WWE actualy gave half a fuck about their women’s division, Charlotte wouldn’t be pushed over quite literally anyone and everyone, both Asuka and Io wouldn’t have had very long title runs where they still mostly felt like chumps, Sonya Deville wouldn’t be doing that hokey GM-wannabe thing, they wouldn’t have shit all over Shayna, and they wouldn’t routinely break up tag teams, just to immediately pair one of them with someone else.
They also wouldn’t let talent become hackjob chariactures of themselves (heel Honda, how Becky ended up being, etc).

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NWA’s cupboard isn’t bare. For the sorry state of the promotion, they’re kind of stacked:

Thunder Rosa
Kylie Rae (WTF is she doing slumming it?)
Taryn Terrell
Serena Deeb
Velvet Sky

If they can co-promote with even a couple of other organizations, with Mickie running the show, they could put on a pretty solid event. I am hopeful, and would definitely buy it.

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Kylie Rae signed a “long term contract” with Impact last year; I know she had mental health issues but Impact would have been better for her career, Actually AEW would have been best, but I remember reading she had issues with Nyla Rose.

I hope Mickie can produce AND perform on the PPV; she still has a lot to offer inside the ring.


When Asuka was a double champ, I got the feeling Vince was looking to ram Asuka down the throats of the fans until the remarks turn on her…like an experimenting child being forced to smoke a cartooning cigarettes. I thought “Won’t work on me, but this is clever.”

Whether that’s really what it was, I don’t know. I think a lot of the women may get the rug pulled from underneath them for being unreliable in match quality or otherwise. Vince prizes match quality more than he’s given credit for. And perhaps the better in-ring workers haven’t forged the all important “relationship with Vince” we hear so much about. No, I’m not implying anything sexual, lol.

Velvet hasn’t wrestled in years, but you’re right about their roster.

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very funny to see how useless and irrelevant the kliq have become in the long term. hunter thought he could marry his way into power and has failed spectacularly. truly unnecessary minds for the business

Britt Baker is the number one female wrestler in the world followed by Thunder Rosa neither in WWE


I’m a huge fan of the Dr., but I’m not sure she’s better than Io or Asuka.

This will be awful if Britt has to carry Nyla through a program.

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