Gilmour shouldnt be in the HOF over guys like Lindros and Bure.

For one thing those two have had a big impact on the game.

Second, Gilmour got most of his points during the 80s opposed to the dead puck era like Lindros and Bure.

Third, Lindros were much more elite players.

fourth, Gilmour jsut got more votes cause he was a leaf

I was pretty baked when i typed that but I still think Lindros and Bure are more HOF worthy then Gilmour and Nieuwendyk.

The HOF should be about more then how many points you get.

Bure and Lindros are two of the most dynamic and game changing players of the last 25 years

LOL just realized this is in the NBA forum now.

Holy double fail!!

Hockey sucks, get this sh*t out of here!

Bure not being in is criminal.

Gilmour got more pull b/c he played in Toronto. Playing for the Maple Leafs gets you more credit with the voters.