Hi all ... can you help me out?

I'm only new here and have been searching for ideas on how to construct a training program based around mma training.
I have spent alot of money on Matt Furey products but he does not give enough information on how to combine his exercises with roadwork and skill training - the exercises are great but I just need to know how to integrate them into a workout.
For example, would you do hill sprints and boxing in the same session? Which would you do first?
Or can you do chest expander exercises in the same session as jeet kune do training?
I know I'm only new but I'm just hoping to get some suggestions from people on how they "fit everything in"?
I know I'll have to invest in either Bas Rutten or the Fighters Notebook and definitely Scrappers but for the meantime a lil' help would be very much appreciated (at least until my wife gets over the last credit card bill).

Thanks all in advance, from what I've read already I'm in very good company.

Why did you buy Furey's stuff?

I went with Furey because I didn't have access to the internet at the time and that's all I could find advertised in Australian martial arts mags regarding bodyweight exercises and combat sports. It worked well for amateur boxing but now I'm moving into martial arts which is more total body and more intense, I'm looking for workouts that provide that lil' bit extra.
I know Matt's not real popular in these parts and I can see why - after comparing the prices and info offered by other sites (some don't even have a different book for abs, a different course for stretching and a different one for grappling and fighting techniques - they offer EVERYTHING in one book, FOR LESS).
But still, the exercises are very effective - I'm just looking to build a plan that includes strength, conditioning and technique training in the most time effective manner.
I train twice a day but i'm just wondering if people do their strength exercises in a seperate workout to their technique - or if in the same workout before or after?
I used to do Hindu Squats/Pushups or some other Bodyweight exercise before technique (which also served as a warm-up) but now I do flexibility training (dynamic stretching) before technique so I'm fresh, then I follow up with 30 minutes of high intensity bodyweight exercises integrated with skipping or other cardio, then full stretch to finish.
In the morning, I do hill sprints, sprints with a rubber cable around my waist fixed to the wall or mixed running (backwards, sideways, etc .,.)
Sorry to spill my life story here, I'm just trying to find the most effective routine.
Thanks again ...

There are alot of furey haters on this site and some have good reason.

But some of the stuff furey suggest like the bear crawling is awesome, i've worked up to half an hour bear crawling cardio sessions and it has really helped my mma.

The other thing you might find is that what works for you doesn't work for someone else, my point is experiment and try as many things as you can until you find what works for you.

I will tell you a little secret about Furey.

The stuff he teaches you and proclaims to be an expert at, he wasn't able to do himself. Karl Gotch gave him the boot because he wasn't able to do the conditioning. He is a liar, a scam artist. He sees something (but doesn't really learn it) and then tries to sell it for big $$$ as if he is an expert.

Why do you think he used an old video of conditioning instead of shooting a new one with him in it?

Karma catches up to people.