Hi-Fi systems for Classical music?

Does anyone have any good idea's on sound systems that are best for listening to Classical music/Opera.

The PC speakers which I usually use (while they are Altec Lansing, and good speakers, they are not quite good enough, and I don't have the ability to listen to LP's either) aren't cutting it anymore and the ad's I see in music mags like DM and Classique are all for systems that are between $8-12,000.

Any idea's for good systems that have bays for both Cd's and LP's and have VERY good speakers?

I'm a little out of the loop on hot new systems, but I'm sure whatever you get will be a big improvement over the pc speakers.

Sony recievers are usually a pretty safe bet, once you get that you can build the rest of your system around it, thats if you don't want to fork out all the money at one time. I think new turntables start around $150

You can get a decent sounding for around a grand.

This guy goes for $299 canadian.


My notes:

1. I used to sell & install high-end gear professionally.

2. High-end audio is rife with fraudulent claims & wastes of cash.

3. Classical concerts are incredibly affordable; you can quickly spend more on hi-fi than you could possibly spend going to classical concerts every weekend of your life.

4. The last component you should worry about is the speakers. It's always the front end that is most important.

5. Sony is cheap & user-friendly. Doesn't sound that great, but the features are the best.

6. General rules: Seperates are better. Fins over cones. Wire doesn't matter. Clean power over high power. Tubes sound better but require regular maintenance. Only audition blind or double-blind, with media you know intimately.

Good luck.


What kind of reciever would you recommend djdb?

electro stat speakers sound best playing classical and/or jazz

Not into recommending brands. You just have to go out & listen to whatever is available to you. If you find something you have questions about, though, post here & I'll tell you what I know about it.


just get a decent receiver for about $300. get a good center and try not to spend less than 300 for the subwoofer. it has been my experience that the subwoofer is a major factor in a good sounding system.

...because we all know that most instruments - especially classical ones - generate tons & tons of bass.



you dont need "tons & tons of bass" to appreciate a tight and deep bass. all music worth listening to has bass and when your subwoofer is distorting and not hitting the notes cleanly the music will suffer a lot.

Your name says it all. A good system doesn't even need a sub. A minimum of drivers = better sound. Advising someone to spend more on a sub than a front end is worthy of ridicule.

Or I guess I've been trolled. Whatever.


It's really too bad Outlaw Audio discontinued their Model 1050 6.1-channel Digital A/V Receiver. I have one and absolutely love it. It's not the best receiver on the planet, but I firmly believe it was hands-down the best for the price. I'd say it was as good as any receiver on the market at twice its price. I'm sure their other products are just as great and are worth checking out.

"...because we all know that most instruments - especially classical ones - generate tons & tons of bass. "

I believe that a pipe organ (a classical instrument) can play notes ~20Hz

Fascinating. Now explain how that has any bearing.



It has bearing because you stated

"...because we all know that most instruments - especially classical ones - generate tons & tons of bass. "

sarcastically implying that subwoofers were not needed, ESPECIALLY for classical music or have I misinterpereted your meaning?
Please name a speaker that can reproduce tones down to 20Hz at a realistic volume and realistic price. Until you do your statement " A good system doesn't even need a sub." is a bit stupid especially for someone who "used to sell & install high-end gear professionally."

Mcpot's advice was to spend more than half your budget on the least relevant component. Does that really make sense to you?


Least relevent is purely subjective but in my listening experience it makes the biggest difference in overall sound quality no matter what music is playing.

There is nothing like feeling the bass especially a very tight and clean bass that only a good sub can deliver.

"Mcpot's advice was to spend more than half your budget on the least relevant component. Does that really make sense to you? "

I can't see where he said this??? He said not to spend less than $300 on a subwoofer. I agree that spending more than half your budget on a subwoofer is going a little overboard. However I gotta agree with THATSCRAPTASTIC, a good subwoofer makes a huge difference in my system.

DasBeaver - what are you LOLing at?

kcl, I was loling at djdb's bluntness.

You have to have your shit wired pretty tight to debate him, lol.

"Least relevent is purely subjective"

No, it's not; i can prove it empirically:

Given the following options, which component would you spend the rest of your life without:

Media, front end, preamp, amp, speaker cabinets, cabling, subwoofer?

Can't believe I have to defend this here. Can you guys even name five classical pieces?