Hi, Im in beautiful Puerto Rico with Coach Sean Mulligan for
almost 2 weeks of training for the US military and 2 elements from

Lots of fun, Im really missing Canada and the winter right now :-)

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Guy's...We have been down here for less then a week and in that time two persons. one a D/T instructor from Orlando FL. here teaching a weekend course, and the other, a native to the island approached Tony and introduced themselves.

Firstly, neither are in the class and were aware that we were down here this week.

Secondly, both were familiar with Tony and his research which led to the development of the SPEAR System.

If this isn't a sign that the System is rapidly growing and reaching all corners of the globe, I don't know what is??????

Thought that I'd share this with y'all.


Thanks for the post Coaches...don't worry were not jealous :-)

Be safe down there,


Well it's back to the 'great white north' tomorrow...

I just wanted to comment on the unique experience. We had been requested to do an OSS Course for the first week and a modified SPEAR System course from Mon to Wed this week. Overall, these guys were subjected to over 64 hours of theory and drills during our time here. Needless to say, they are oversaturated with material and will need recovery time as their minds begin to mend from the stress innoculation.

But the really fascinating experience of this trip was the people who were already in the SPEAR loop prior to the training and made the effort to drop by and say hi...It was also nice to see the progression of the students and administration as they longed for more and in the process, purchased High Gear suits and are looking in further training to take their experiences to the next level.

Overall...it was really cool, the sun didn't hurt much either :)