yah i'm curious too :) Left kinda early and didn't get to see the intermediate/advanced

i took 3rd, but i beat everybody,and didnt lose, and i even beat the guy taht took 1st, guess i should have got the submissions

Round robin happened :) Get more points for a submission win then a points win.

Good job Bao, do you know how Alex did?


There were a lot of good fighters! Bao looked really good. Ullyses did great as usual, I'm pretty sure he took first. He tapped the guys I watched him fight. Ryan Gregg had an incredible match in the finals winning on advantage after overtime over Joao Cunha (sp). Very, very tough weight class.

Really fun tourney, It was just a little long (I think Alex left before his weight class came up.)

I'm really proud of all Team Magnitude and Roy Harris guys. Everyone did very well!

Dean and Brandon (and another ref, I'm sorry but don't know the name) did a great job reffing.


Yeah I watched some of Bao's matches and he put on a pretty good clinic. Its sucks that you beat everyone in your division and still not get first place. But thats how the rules were set up. I wished I would have stayed to see how the rest of his matches went.

well it was a fun tournament regardless :) cityboxings facilities are awesome, even though my knees aren't too crazy about the judo mats upstairs lol

ttt for results

It was a great event, congratulations to all the competitors..Bao, no worries dude you looked awesome. Every tourney will get better every time..

congrats to useless(again). He won both his matches by submission, one heel hook and one arm bar. Very good matches.

Bao, can't believe you didn't get first. You were definately the best in that stacked class. Congrats on winning all your matches.


goku the next one will be in like three months.. you
said you were in begginer? what weight?

lol.. I was in your division

Michio, Joao is my homeboy but since I moved I don't see him anymore.

How did he do? Did he fight in the 170 class? Submit anyone?

He did real good.. didn't see him submit anyone though

Thanks man. I used to take classes with him, he's a good dude and a good BJJ guy.

Joao is very impressive to watch. That weight class (170lbs) was insane! He beat one of our guys (Team Magnitude), Steve Gable 6-0 (three takedowns) and then he was beating another guy 5-3 but they started getting rough with the shoving and the head butts...then started swingin' the Ref threw them both off the mat! but he made it to the finals where he fought Ryan Gregg in an awesome back and forth match.

It was tied 4-4 at the end of regulation. then tied 6-6 at the end of overtime. But awarded the win to Ryan on advantage.

Also, impressive to watch was our Heavyweight Adavance (Team Magnitude) Lloyd Marshbanks, 280 lbs. Most people had left by the time his division started but he took first, beating some very tough guys and then he competed in the Absolute and went to the finals against the same guy that he beat earlier 10-0. The score was 0-0 with less than a minute to go and the guy swept Lloyd for the win. But the most impressive thing was since everyone wanted to go home, it was late...they made him fight with very little rest, he fought 7 matches almost all of them back to back (very little rest between matches.) So, by the time he got to the Absolute finals...he was exhausted.

We had a strong team showing (and we're a very young team)...but even more so, all of our guys (Team Magnitude/Roy Harris) showed a lot of sportsmanship by helping out and cheering on their competitors.



Thanks Michio for the details!

Yeah, Joao is a rough guy. i can imagine his response in a roughousing situation.

I remember a while back some Judo guy came into our studio in OB and proclaimed himself a "groundfighting master" and Joao proceeded to massacre the guy. Tapped him 20 times in 5 minutes.

"but he made it to the finals where he fought Ryan Gregg in an awesome back and forth match."

hell yeah..that match was awesome!