Hi, I'm new here.

Not really.

Welcome back, just in time for the playoffs.

I love it when Kobe scores 50 and the Lakers still lose. It just feels so right.

Seriously, you guys have no idea how much I've missed you all.

Its good to see you man

I am so stoked that I finally get to watch basketball again. lol

F U PUNK!! Go and take care of your kid!!..LOL!!

LAKERS are at least in the playoffs Queens Bizach!!!..LOL!!!

We aborted that motherfucker!!

And I know that the Lakers are at least in the playoffs, but tonight's game might decide what seed the Lakers get. :)

YOU, Jacob Lamb, have made my fucking night. That is truly incredible. Especially considering the hippy beard I've got and the saggy baggy drunk as death eyes I'm sporting right now. Man, I can't even express how awesome that is. My fucking cheeks hurt from this perma grin, and I haven't done acid in years. lol

I'm inspired to learn the way of the photoshop.

Welcome back. I'm glad your woman gave you back your balls for a few days.

I TOOK them. :)

hahaha See what happens though, you stop watching the Kings for a season and they don't even make the playoffs.

No shit, first game I got to see in months was their pathetic loss to the Lackers last night. They've got a lot of good young talent though. I'd like to see them resign Ronnie Price, Justin Williams, and Quincy Douby as well. Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia better not be allowed to go anywhere.

STFU and get a new coach first!!!..LOL!! :)

Musselman GONE

Fine by me.