Hi kirik/chris

How are you?

I know chris addressed the issue a week or so ago about the whole screen name change thing. My question is this.

We have now seen twice that someone (Steve W, TjMitch) had to change names and then some creep lurking in the shadows came in and registered them. Is there a way to ensure that won't happen again?

Then again, I really shouldn't have to worry because there is no way Bader will beat Tito, anyting can happen in MMA.

Thanks guys


If you are scared to get your SN stolen, don't make SN bets.

 I am confused, they had to change thier names and then someone came and changed them back?

 Jason, they had to change their name and then someone registered their old name. 

 Well you agree to change your screen name for a certain amount of time.  1 month, 3 months, ect. 

Also these are obviously not "new" members coming in to reregister a name that was already made.  Once the name is registered it should be closed.


 Art, you are right about that, and it is being worked on, but forum members who lost screens to a bet then some sleazy dirtbag registered their name, those member will get their names back, we just had a similar issue with mrzipplockk

swines!!! , can't you just delete the new users once it's confirmed ?

they are obviously trolls with multiple SN unless it's a blinding coincidence . Phone Post

 Thanks Jason.  That is what I was hoping.  Kwik, what was your previous SN?

 I ban people who do that.

Kirik -  I ban people who do that.


Art - DJStudd :) Phone Post

 Hey Kirik, 

whats up? 

 Oh, hey DJ.  I noticed your new name on the PWF.

Why would they need a warning?  They know what they did and obviously aren't new members.


Maybe he means an explanation , like "you're busted , goodbye" Phone Post

Mods, why is the admitted trolling from Porkchop on the Japan Relief thread being tolerated? It's on the UG, it's about MMA & BJJ world and efforts to help Japan. It's not an OG thread to debate religion. What's the deal?

I wasnt upset by the 'new' tjmitch, his posts were funnier than mine.

 I don't see how they would even need an explanation.  They know what they did and it also wouldn't be their first or last SN.

ArtWanderlei -  I don't see how they would even need an explanation.  They know what they did and it also wouldn't be their first or last SN.

 ^ there is this. This is there ^

just so there can be no confusion , it's no good if they think they just got banned for the regular trolling they would no doubt be doing under the false SN .

it would let them know that this bullshit is not tolerated . Phone Post