Hi/Low Omaha nut low?

I have just started to Ohmaha8 and I am still trying to work out the mechanics of the game. What is the proper play when you have the nut low? What if you have the nut low that can get out drawn? I understand you need more than one caller if you bet because of the split pot, so if no one has been betting I have just made the minimum bet. I am not sure if that is the proper play or even proper etiquette.

Well, any nut low can be outdrawn so I am a bit confused. If you have A2 and flop is 568, you have the nuts but it the turn is a 2 or A then A3 or 23 will be the nuts.

The low hand is tricky, because you can easily quarter the pot if you bet hard because the other A2 if it is out there will not fold either. but you don't want to bet too small because the A3 or whatever can easily call and then draw out on you if you let him stick around.

Maybe give a sample hand and let some of us say how we'd play it. Wrecker is excellent at this game.

Like most questions there are a lot of variables, like chip count, position, opponents, etc. As well as whether your cards also caught any chance to win the high pot as well.

"If you have A2 and flop is 568, you have the nuts but it the turn is a A or 2 then A3 of 23 will be the nuts."

You sure about that?

If the flop is 568 then an Ace comes on the turn (board is 5-6-8-A) then holding A2 beats A3.

The A3 person's low will read 8-6-5-3-A and the A2 person will read 8-6-5-2-A since you have to use both cards...


That's why he said A3 OR 23 would be the nuts. If an Ace falls then 23 is the nuts, if a 2 falls then A3 is the nuts.

Ok, I just misunderstood the order that he meant

u playing limit or pot limit no limit hi low?

ray zee writes a good book on omaha