hi to my bros at underground from ADCC Beijiing

Once again, ADCC has proven to be a very positive event in my life.. I unfortunately didn't take home the gold this year, I had to settle for silver... I had 5 leg submissions on the very best in the world, I fought oppoenents from Japan, China, USA and of course Brazil.. All were tough and very game and Turned out to lose competitve decisions to both joao Assis and Buchecha... I had both in trouble with subs and they also threatened me with subs, was great being here and competing, especially as the older veteran of the event... Still fairing decent versus the next generation.. I take great pride in that my opponent is my greatest teacher so I am always learning from everyone.. My body is wrecked from all these matches and I am exhausted but cannot be more proud than to be exhausted in this way at my age.. I coudn't move my arms after my match with Buchecha but would have been ashamed of myself if I quit there, so decided to continueon.... Hope you all enjoyed the matches, Hugs for all my bros on the UG and kisses for the females on the UG :) you will only see a stronger and more determined Lister in upcoming events I promise,,

Always appreciate the support and see you all soon,




Ball on sir Phone Post 3.0

Always kicking ass out there DL. Congrats.

awesome! Phone Post 3.0

I thought the sekine match was fucking awesome...and is Joao okay?

Dean your game is sick! If I can get out to San Diego it would be an honor to go to your school, and do some training. Phone Post 3.0

Congrats and thanks for representing us old guys.

Fuck yes Dean.

Congrats on your silver. I know it must have been a great honor for these guys to compete against a grappler of your caliber.

Keep on keepin on.

-Capnsavem Phone Post 3.0

Good stuff Dean

I thought you might have had that triangle in Assis at the end, he is a tough dude

Congrats on another ADCC medal

I bet you met some hot chicas there huh

Yeah, yeah ya did Phone Post

thanks a lot.... thought crossed my mind to not enter my final match cause I had problems lifting my arms but I knew I would be persoannly ashamed of myself the rest of my life if I didn't complete the course..... thanks again for the support, off to teach in a few hours to Shanghai



What are your thoughts on
Paul Harris?
Would you be nervous to grapple/fight with him? Phone Post 3.0


iant - Ball on sir Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

Great work! Phone Post 3.0

Hell ya my man... Stoked for you!

Team Malt Shop Phone Post 3.0

caelrad - What are your thoughts on
Paul Harris?
Would you be nervous to grapple/fight with him? Phone Post 3.0

I was also going to allude to this. Do you let go when they tap ?


On a side note, you've been around for a while and one of the early American pioneers representing the sport. I used to read articles on you in martial arts magazines (remember those). Congrats on the silver. You're one of the greats and I wish you continued success.

Living the dream. Thanks for the update.

Hao A!


Ni Shi Feichang Hao A!  Shifu!


Ladies and gentlemen, Dean motherfucking Lister.