Hibernate boot between Mac and Windows (Bootcamp)

I am trying to get something to work that would make me very happy. Basically I would like to be able to quickly switch between Mac and Windows partitions while using hibernate to keep apps open, etc in each.

Hibernating in Windows is simple and when I return it comes back up with little to no problem. In Mac I got the Deep Sleep dashboard widget that allows me to force hibernate. Here is the problem... once the Mac hibernates, booting backup bypasses the boot selection option.

If boot selection is defaulted to Mac then no beep occurs and I am sent straight to the Mac partition which comes out of hibernate. If the boot selection is defaulted to Windows then no beep on boot and it sends me to the Windows partition. This latter option would be fine but here is the rub. If the boot immediately following the Mac hibernating goes into the bootcamp partition, rebooting into Mac ignores hibernate status and a fresh boot occurs. On a mac forum a member said that the hard-drive still has the almost 2GB memory dump but it is ignored.

Anyone have an idea where to start to figure out where the setting is that forces the skip of the boot option and/or hibernate restore in Mac? It would be great if a boot disk/usb to make this work.