Hidden and Dangerous 2

Anyone played this? It didn't get great reviews, but I thought Id try it because I liked the concept and the games I was told were good by gamespy and other magazines (e.g CoD, Halo) blew hard.

This game is fucking sweet. Imagine a cross between Splinter Cell, Commandos, Ghost Recon and Medal of Honor.

So far I've played 3 stages. The second one was pretty shit (an indoors, lone wolf MoH rip-off) but the other two were brilliant. The game is essentially a world war 2 sepecial forces simulation (as far as these things can be simulated) although the tactics used seem rather modern.

The team element works really well and its fun getting one of your men to lay down covering fire with a bren gun as you try and escape, or getting him to remove an enemy's skull cap with a silenced rifle as you simultaneously slash the throat of his friend standing a few metres away.

If you are tired of the deluge of bullshit PC games that are being released at the moment,try this (not sure if there is a demo).