Hidehiko Yoshida vs.James Thompson

Just announce for Shockwave


Yoshida by armbar.

I really wanted to see Lil Nog on the card i thought Pride was gonna put Yoshida vd Lil Nog that would have been a real good match

Yoshida by survival/cardio.

lol @ only giving these guys a few days to prepare for their fights. Granted I'm sure they've been training for a while but still, it would be nice to know who you are fighting more than 5 days before the fight.

wow, what a blockbuster

The fight of the century!


I think Thompson might pull this out he's been watching alot of DVD's

Thompson by brutal destruction.

Guess they have to cater to the japanese audience....though I´m surprised even they would give a rat´s ass about a shitty fight like that.

I was really kinda hoping to see Yoshida v. Arona. But this looks like an interesting matchup.

I'll sit through this and Fujita/NOOB for the rest of the card which is awesome.

Thompson/Aleks had to be one of the funniest bouts eva.

Another great matchup from Pride. UFC eat your heart out!


Yoshida via Ezekiel Choke.

I must be the only one who still loves freakshow fights.

Minowa has done that before. He took down Schilt with that move. I used it in a BJJ match too. Doesn't make it a work.

entertaining matchup. Yoshida is a great fighter fighting a super heavy weight.