Hidetaka Aso???

Does anyone have any background on SAW, Submission Arts Wrestling, instructor Hidetaka Aso? He has put out some cool instructional videos, The Submission Bible and The Urakensetsu. On these videos his style seems to be very close to Cecchine with bent arms locks, neck cranks, and chaining submissions. His leglock entries are more of a traditional Sambo style but he includes more exotic shin locks and step over toe holds. Please give me some background.

All I can say is that he also did the videos; Kansetsu, and the Gyaku Kansetsu. I cannot recall the name but there is a forum member who trained with the S.A.W. school in Japan.
If you have seen the tapes he sure seems like a cruel man. I know alot of it is for show but his partner would tap and Aso would flow into hold after hold making his partner scream the entire time. I think when Aso shows some shinlock variaitions and lets go, the camera zooms in on his partner who is laying on the mat whimpering.

Thanks Ghidorah. He does seem very sadistic in those tapes. He waits for six or seven taps and a scream before he lets go of the hold! I have some Sambo tapes from Japan and it appears he was the national coach. I also heard he trained some Shooto fighters. Do you know if the SAW school in Tokyo?

I beleive that he trained UWF wrestlers a while back.Supposedly trains some BJJ these days.Seems a bit over the top with his partners,but it could also be put on,some.Do a Google search as there is some background on him.

I thought that his no-gi chokes looked sweet,but some of his takedowns looked too unrealistic and show-off-ish.

Majic Sam, do you know what BJJ guys he trains? Yes, some of his stuff is over the top but most seems practical. He has an interesting style, it looks like a combination of Catch, Sambo, and Judo.

He has some great instructional material for sure.

ttt for Hidetaka Aso, I believe he trained with Karl Gotch for a while too...

I have seen a couple guys representing SAW years ago and they got beat down. One of them got beat up in Japan by Johil De Olivera in the Universal Vale Tudo. Johil fought wearing a turtleneck. haha. Those instructionals were cool though. They were brutal, the guy was totally tweaking all the subs a little extra and the guy wasn't faking the screaming.


I think Sam meant he now trains IN BJJ; is learning it?


Aso is legit bad ass. 5th Dan Judo and major Japanese Sambo player. Fought in international competition in both. Studied with Gotch and later worked with UWF, UWFi, pancrase, those kids... Don't know if he has done BJJ, but would not surprise me, he is totally open minded. from a MMA perspective, he isn't at all a striker, but as a grappler, he is VERY GOOD

ttt for anyone interested

lkfmdc is correct! Aso is a bad man! His instructionals are phenomenal as well.