High end watch question

Buddy of mine is wealthy. He’s been waiting almost a year for a Rolex to either be in stock or finished or whatever the fuck.

But aren’t there other watches that wealthy people get that aren’t as notorious as Rolex? Like it’s still a high quality watch and people that know high end watches would understand.

Hublot is where it’s at.


Lol I don’t get it

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Rolex is making more watches than ever. China is buying them all. It’s virtually impossible to get most models right now. People want things they can’t have.


Richard Mille


I just had my Submariner stolen. Got the insurance and couldn’t believe non in stock. The lady heard my story and found me a Sea Dweller which was about $5K more than the Submariner and I can sell it right now for $12K more lol


Audemars, omega

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If your friend is an extremely wealthy person that has to have what others can’t:
-Roger W. Smith or George Daniels.

Those two would be followed by:
-Patek Phillip, JLC, A Lange & Sohne, A.P.

These next would be Rolex “equivalent”, even though some are of a higher quality:
-Grand Seiko, Omega, IWC.

There are plenty of others but that should get you started.


Basically the same watch as a Rolex just slightly less building material quality. Same parent company like GMC and Chevrolet.


You’re exactly right but most people buy an expensive watch to make a statement and have as a status symbol. Tudor doesn’t fit the bill, and neither do most of the other brands listed in the thread. People buy a Rolex because everyone knows what is and they know it’s expensive.



My buddy also has a few.

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I have a mid 60’s stainless Rolex.

I love it.

It was my grandfather’s.

I would NEVER buy a Rolex.

really depends on who you’re trying to impress.

if you just want a watch so you can pick up bitches a replica rolex will do the job these days

if you want a watch that will impress people who would know you have a fake rolex many of the brands mentioned here will do the trick

I agree, rolexs are a good douchebag detector. Personally I would take a grand seiko over a Rolex.


So if you own a Rolex you’re a douche bag? Somebody is jelly


I’m a timepiece fan. I get compliments on my mid range brands on a regular basis. I think you are correct in the general sense, but there are a lot of watch fans out there… the problem is that they are mostly dudes.

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I agree

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I own numerous high-end time pieces, and none are Rolex. People who wear Rolex remind me of those who carry Louis Vuitton monogram luggage.


People who don’t know much about watches, fixate on Rolex. Rolex owners fixate on Patek Philippe watches.

I’ve had several Rolex over the years. All have gained in value. I about coughed up a nut recently, when I saw what people are paying for GMT II’s now. It has been my daily for over a decade, but it now selling for more than triple what it cost me. I’m CLOSE to putting it in the safe, and buying a Citizen for a daily. If the value goes much higher, I will.

Or, maybe, I’ll trade it and my “red” 1680 Submariner for a Patek…


Omega guy here, I have a beater moonwatch that’s my daily. Also have a speedmaster auto with blue dial that was a Japanese only release…that was my daily until I bought the moonwatch.

I don’t think I’d ever buy a Rolex.