High end watch question

Those are pretty cool, but I probably wouldn’t buy one. Definitely cool if you want something different. I don’t have enough high end traditional watches to spend the money on one of those.

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I’ve taken a liking to the JLC Reverso. I mean, it’s Art Deco, different, and Hitler had one so how bad could it be? Not seen one in person yet, but I’m thinking one just like this:


Fuckin class!

Fucking dope watch. Heil!!!

Well, you fuckers shared my sentiment and that did it for me. Booked a trip to the AD tomorrow. By the morning train, so I can enjoy the last of summer with something to drink throughout the day. Lets hope one of those fit my wrist and are in stock or not far from!


I hear you. Pretty unique piece for sure.

They do some really cool chime watches as well. I always thought this was a great piece for the money as well.


Did not go as planned. I saw a JLC Polaris in the flesh and that was it.


Great watch

Ok time to drag this thread down with another bullshit watch question. Is Phoibos a decent brand?

Beautiful watch. Congrats!



When you’re finished cleaning my car, can you give me my watch back too?


No fighting please

my buddy owns la watch works bo. hes dope has mma fights and shoots guns a ton. he is strapped at all times everywhere he goes.

he redid my gf moms watch came out killer. cost was $1000 but well worth it as it was a 30 year old watch that has needed to be refreshed.


I’ve been watching vids on watch repair / restoration for months. The whole thing looks is interesting to me, and I don’t even own any watches. I had a 1960s Tag Heuer clone that I inherited and sold for $3500 after it sat in a drawer for 18 months.

But working on tiny machines, all the cool little tools, the focus required. It all seems right up my alley. For a few grand you can have a pretty good setup. I’ve been considering picking it up as a hobby.

I didn’t read the whole thread. Anyone here do it?


Very nice. To me it’s why a nice watch is worth the money. Properly maintained and it easily lasts a lifetime. My wife has the same watch, about 15 years old and it looks brand new.

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Absolutely love watching those videos… @CaptainXanax is one of the OGers that could take apart and restore a watch.

My favorite YouTube repair videos are the Wristwatch Revival guy… he’s not the best technically, but it’s basically Neil Degrass Tyson taking apart watches… great to turn on late at night when I can’t fall asleep.


Question. Did the person who bought it lnow it was a rep?

Interview with the Zelos founder:

I didn’t realIze it was a one man show. I guess that keeps costs way down and explains how he’s able to offer watches of the quality he does for the low price points.