High end watch question

Avrol Lavigne quote…nice.

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Noted. Apologies then.

I will make one exception to my statement which is ceramic bezel inserts. Those tend to be safe, and even if it breaks, replacing it won’t break the bank. But making the whole bezel out of ceramic is just a bad day waiting to happen.
Just the opinion of a guy who has repaired a lot of ceramic watches.

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Sorry, I might be biased because my step brother who was a try-hard skater badass (lol) in his 20s always wore a gold Nixon… he thought it gave him street cred.

Haha. I like it man

This is a nice SINN and due to the dial colour they appear to be getting scooped up quickly.

The sinn watches look fantastic

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Anybody have experience with the Hamilton Intra-Matic line? Just wondering if I should start looking in that direction instead of accumulating a boat load of Orient Bambinos.

Have you looked at Damasko?

Tissot PRX seem like the thing to get right now. I’m really liking the orient sun and moon v3 for an orient dress watch.

I have but didn’t like the look as much as Sinn

I really like the way Tudor and sinn look. I also like how longines hydroconquest looks but like the Tudor look better. Seems I like the navy/diver/scuba style watches

Not sure if Minase has been mentioned but they are doing some really unique stuff out of Japan.

Some beautiful dials as well. I think the only knock on them I have read is the ETA movements - but for the price I am not sure the issue.

Love my 104 and is in the regular rotation.


Opinion piece here on Tudor.

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