High Gear Suit Features

I own and use a FIST police suit and agree that it is nearly "bulletproof". However , the possibility of a less restrictive suit is attractive for more realistic sparring use. Can you guys give me an idea how the High Gear Suit mentioned here works for this use and also let me know info about the suppliers, please?

I one a FIST Suit - I own FOUR High Gear Suit.

The FIST suit is great for fitness work - but if your wearing it - you can't MOVE let along fight back.

If you not wearing it - the other guy can't give you any realistic resistance.

The High Gear suit isn't meant to be Bullit Proof - but when your wearing it - theres nothing you cant do in it.

If you don't have a place to hang a heavy bag (nad that's what you really want) get a FIST - if you want to train as close to reality as possible - get high gear !!!


Hi guys,

I have never tried or seen the FIST suit. I have had a Redd Man and Blue Maxx on before. The High Gear allows you to move more natural as well as breathes better than the other 2. What I mean by that is you won't gas out if you wear it for long stretches at a time. Tonight, on a humid day here in Maine, I had the High Gear on for 2 and half hours of constant motion. Since I only have 1 (so far) I ran drills with the children's class first. I attacked and tried to abduct each one and had them fight, kick, scream and run away. Then I ran different scenarios with all the adults. Again, I was the attacker in each case. I was pretty sweaty by the end of the night, but could have kept going if they had wanted to train longer. I am sure others have some better stories as I have only had the gear about 3 months.


Thanks, guys, for responding about High Gear. As the
FIST Police suit was designed for baton impact
training, it is somewhat overbuilt for sparring use.
However, it is excellent for rape/self defense courses
(which I teach privately) and also for impact weapons
training. Could you all please tell me where I can
contact the makers of the High Gear stuff so I can get
more information and pricing? I had seen the RedMan
suit before and was not impressed, but after your
feedback on the High Gear, my curiosity is peaked.


FIST has a real short comming for training Rape Prevention. (See my site www.StopRape.com)

The FIST suit is like a heavy bag with eyes. A guy in a FIST suit can not give anything close to "realistic" resistance. What's more, the guy in the suit can not move with any reality or feel enough to feign "normal response" to a defenders actions.

Overall, this provides a pretty unrealistic training experience - and creates the risk of pre-conditioning someone to panic/freeze when - in a real attack - the bad guy actually counters (say, grabs) after being struck.

Overall, FIST is good for Impact Weapons Training, but BAD for Rape Scenario training. (It's OK to get Women over the hump of starting to hit and be agressive in defense - but after that it should be left behind.)

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You hit the nail on the head. I use the FIST police
suit as the introduction to contact for most women. I
should have been more clear the first time. They seem
less intimidated about contact when they don't think
they could possibly harm the guy in the suit. We also
quickly progress to minimal or no protective gear as
soon as their heads are in the right place. There is
no substitute for actually being able to interpret your
attacker's bodyweight shifts, etc. like you can when
there is no gear interfering. Once they get accustomed
to striking the FIST suit without inhibition, we begin
work on sensitivity and tactical awareness. Thanks for
your comments.

Please, does anyone have the information on the
supplier of the High Gear Suits disc


Go to:


For info on High Gear !



Thanks for the info. I tried to e-mail Tony with the
address given on his website, but the message was
retuned to me as undeliverable. I'll either give him a
call or address him personally in this forum.


Try emailing blauerhelp@videotron.ca

If its not to much trouble, which page did you email from.




Thank you for responding. I will try the e-mail
address you have just supplied and see what happens. I
will go back to your website and find out which page I
used and report back to you. Thanks for the time.



The page I used to generate the e-mails that failed is
named Blauer Contact Page. I accessed it from the High
Gear Suit page where it says "e-mail us" at the very
bottom. The address seemed to be identical to that
which you sent me here. We'll see how things go. If
there are problems, I'll call on the phone (!) and talk
to you personally. Thank you for your time.

Lee Aldrid