High Kicks

I just got done reading the "High Risk" column in Black Belt Magazine. Sergeant Wagner talks about "cleaning out his closet" of non-functional techniques. His comments make a lot of sense. He will probably piss off a bunch of people, but oh well. That's life. Anyway, he discusses NOT practicing certain techniques and forms. "If you spend 50% of your training time practicing moves you'll never use in the street, then you're wasting 50% of your training time."--Tony Blauer. I happen to agree with that concept. However, based on my experiences in the HIGH GEAR suit, I would not eliminate high kicks from my arsenal. For example, after executing a tactical SPEAR which knocks your opponent out of reach of your hands and dazes him, a high kick MAY be appropriate. Not to mention the psychological damamge to your opponent. However, follow-up is incredibly important. At this point, you may decide to high-tail it outta there, restrain or end it. High kicks CAN be appropriate and should NOT be eliminated from your arsenal, if you are physically capable of executing a high kick. If you are pre-disposed to throwing high kicks in class or while sparring, put on some HIGH GEAR and turn it up a notch. Then you'll see if those techniques will really work for you. I have found that they work for me. Train hard.

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Naso Karas

Hi Naso,

I had my Black Belt in TKD before I got involved with the PDR Team. Now PDR is my primary focus. 15 years of high kicks don't go away overnight, so I think they will be there in my arsenal. If they are in yours and they work for you keep them.

As a teacher I start new students on developing a close quarter arsenal from the NVP. I feel it takes a certain athletic ability to learn to use high kicks and time to perfect them. Therefore I won't necessarily teach them as part of a self defense arsenal. In the sporting relm, that's different. Even Coach Blauer has some fantastic high kicks in the intros to a lot of his videos but I have never seen him teach them in any seminar I've been to. (His kicks are better than mine too)

Plus after you knock someone to the ground, then anyone can learn to kick to the head.



I agree with you on teaching people new to the martial arts high kicking. High kicks do take some athleticism to pull off, but if you can, then do. I don't necessarily teach high kicks either, but I do help people kick high better if they want to. There are self defense applications for high kicks, but as I said before, some athleticism is required. Train Hard.

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Naso Karas


Remember what this forum is about, the theme, its
essence etc.

Its crucial that 'strategies and tactics' are worded &
framed in a specific way...

Lat year a student of one of my senior coaches
posted about some 'strangulation' experiments
that he was doing in class... the thread grew &
grew (I was away and finally saw it) and shut it
down ASAP.

The main reason is that anyone connected to my
co. needs to be very careful in how they influence
training inth eminds of those who read the forum. I
take this responsibilty very seriously.

That is why I respectfully request that comments
on strategies & tactics are posed as 'observations
& questions', needless to say, training
experiences can remain as personal anecdotes.

While personal skills and personal experiments
uniquely fall under the 'personal choices' category ,
please remember to illuminate these distinctions
in the threads...especially those who've trained
with me.

While both of you guys have done this, you
observations are shrouded in the other text, so the
skimming reader, selective reader, fixating reader
or someone who hasnt trained with us, will easily
misinterpret your message. (I had to delete a post
already because of this, not that the poster didnt
have a valid opinion, it just was one of those
comments that would have derailed the thread. It
is this negative energy or maintenance I need to
avoid in the ME forum)

NAso, in short, your comments are valid, but how
you wrote the suggestions needed to be worked:


"I would not eliminate high kicks from my arsenal.
There is a time and place for such a technique."

Thats perfect...this next line will confuse...

" For example, after executing a tactical SPEAR
which knocks your opponent out of reach of your
hands and dazes him, a high kick may be
appropriate. "

Operative word is MAY but if he's dazed, why not
got to the legs? Why select a target that is
mathematically the furthest from your feet?

A reread that eliminates the abstract comments
and youre left with your own words:

"High kicks can be appropriate and should NOT be
eliminated from your arsenal. If you are physically
capable of executing a high kick, try to incorporate
it into your scenario-based training. The result may
surprise you."

I hope this all makes sense.

"The degree of clarity with which you define
something determines its usefulness, both to you
and your audience"

-BTCMS Maxim



Thank you for your input.

Strength & Honor

Naso Karas