High School Senior DENIED Diploma For Brandishing Mexican Flag

Fucking disrespect… take that shit off

North Carolina high school senior is DENIED a diploma for wearing a Mexican flag over his gown for graduation and refusing to take it off

  • Ever Lopez can be seen in footage crossing podium with flag over his shoulders
  • He is spoken to by the principal and begins to remove the flag, prompting boos
  • Asheboro High School said it would reconsider its dress code following outcry


A North Carolina high school senior was denied a diploma after walking up to the stage with a Mexican flag draped over his gown.

Ever Lopez can be seen in footage crossing the podium at Asheboro High School while wearing the flag before pausing as he is spoken to by school principal Penny Crooks.

During the conversation he briefly begins to remove the flag, prompting cheers from the crowd to turn into boos.

This persuades him to keep it on and he leaves the stage after receiving a certificate and fist-pumping other members of staff.

His cousin, Adolfo Hurtado, posted a TikTok video after the incident in which he said: 'Sadly, he did not get the diploma.

'The teacher wants him to apologize — obviously he’s not going to do that.

Neither Lopez nor Hurtado responded to requests for comment Friday,

Another angle:


The little attention whore got what he wanted




Good fuck you ese


If mexico is so great, why aren’t he and his family still there?

shitholers gonna shithole, I guess.


Mexico is a shithole. I bet he’s never even been to Mexico.


Same thing happened to a couple students that wore military sashes of the branches they were enlisting to.

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At that same school?

@HeyMrSportingGoods aka Jinx

Figured this was something you’d be into!

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Should’ve deported that little mojo instead


Lessons learned all around. Kid found out, the negatives of being a Tik Tok Attention whore, and the school now knows to set some kind of rule about bearing flags during ceremonies. Life will move on.


True story: In high school, I noticed some students wearing a flag pinned on their t-shirt. I figured since they were in Spanish class that it had something to do with Mexico. I asked one of them, so why are you guys wearing the Mexican flag is it some Spanish occasion or something. The guy goes, “FUCK YOU! This is the INDIAN FLAG”. I was like oh shit, LOL. Think it was some Indian independence day or something.


School rule is dumb. It’s not disrespectful to have pride in your ethnicity or country of origin. Draping yourself in a flag is a bit much. How about a pin or a patch?

But rules are rules, kid is a douchebag attention whore.

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They can’t deny you your diploma. You have already earned it. It’s already yours. Graduation ceremony is a show. They tried some scare tactic like that about acting out and holding out diploma and the entire graduating class laughed at them.

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Graduations have rules. It’s not about you. 20 years ago we had attire and conduct rules for Graduation. Its wasn’t because it was a Mexican flag, it was because he broke the rules.


I think the real question did he EARN that diploma? Was he indoctrinated/woke enough to get his degree?

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You know what the short version of Adolfo is?


Smells fishy.

You didnt notice everyone wearing those pins were indian?

All them brownies look alike

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there was a dress code strictly enforced in 1989 when i graduated
formal attire was required b4 they’d give u the gown to put over it
we were told if we didnt comply, we would not get diplomas
they checked
we complied
and we got the worthless piece of paper we never put on display
even if denied thapaper, we’d still be graduates