High School Senior DENIED Diploma For Brandishing Mexican Flag

Who gives a shit, it’s a fucking piece of cloth
Fucking snowflakes

Back in my day we’d have kicked his ass for flying that flag. I’ll bet this lil hoe doesn’t even speak spanish.


Is that a PLEDGE PIN? On your UNIFORM???

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Little fuckbag should go back to Mexico and see what kind of education he gets. Then come back. Burn that flag and thank all FUCK he lives in America.


Fuck that little bitch. In Cali they wont let you wear shit with an American flag on it.

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Alto with the heat. Fuck that little faggot.

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if he’s so proud of mexico why he is not living here?

LOL @ this attention whoring plastic Panchos


but if it were an italian or ireland flag, this would be fine.

racism at its finest right here

LOL fuk off

(brown that does not look indian)

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I didn’t see race [/sarcasm]

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I’m offended by your name. I actually died in a car wreck.

I’m going to need you to apologize and donate your next months salary to charity.

As both a dago and a mick… Absolutely fucking not.

I’d tell those dirty wops and English teet-suckling gobshites the same thing.

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If he pulled out an ISIS flag or a rainbow flag it shouldn’t matter. The only thing you should wear when walking is your school gown. Disrespectful to do this with ANY flag.

He should get his diploma but shouldn’t be allowed to walk.


You know it’s true. (also brown that’s not Indian, but mistaken for Mexican, southeast Asian, Central American, etc.)



America seems like a shit hole too to be honest

It is in some places.

But those places are usually filled with folks that are descendants from shithole countries.


This. Is everyone just an attention seeking pansy these days?

If I moved to
Mexico or any other country I would assimilate and if I graduated there there is no way id wear an American flag to the ceremony. It sends very mixed signals … this kid is an idiot

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Yup. That’s about right all the way around.

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