High School Student dies of Staph

Just a reminder to all that roll that Staph is extremely dangerous if antibiotic resistant. I've gotten Staph before and it sucks. If infected it is wise to seek medical attention.

21 schools shut after teen dies of staph
Virginia student contracted drug-resistant strain of infection
The Associated Press
Updated: 1:42 p.m. ET Oct 16, 2007
BEDFORD, Va. - A high school student who was hospitalized for more than a week with an antibiotic-resistant staph infection has died, and officials shut down 21 schools for cleaning to keep the illness from spreading.

Ashton Bonds, 17, a senior at Staunton River High School, died Monday after being diagnosed with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, his mother said.

"I want people to know how sick it made my son," Veronica Bonds said.

Staph infections, including the serious MRSA strain, have spread through schools nationwide in recent weeks, according to health and education officials.

MRSA is a strain of staph bacteria that does not respond to penicillin and related antibiotics but can be treated with other drugs. The infection can be spread by skin-to-skin contact or sharing an item used by an infected person, particularly one with an open wound.

Bedford Superintendent James Blevins said at a news conference Tuesday that the schools will be closed for cleaning Wednesday.

Many of the infections are being spread in gyms and locker rooms, where athletes -- perhaps suffering from cuts or abrasions -- share sports equipment. Ashton Bonds played football last year but was not playing this season.

Ashton went to Bedford Memorial Hospital on Oct. 4 after complaining of pain in his side, his mother said. He was sent home after doctors ruled out appendicitis, but was readmitted three days later and transported to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

Last week doctors diagnosed Ashton with a MRSA infection that had spread to his kidneys, liver, lungs and the muscles around his heart.

Early Thursday morning, Ashton had to be sedated and put on a ventilator. He was about to undergo surgery to drain the infection from his lungs when doctors detected a blood clot near his heart. Bonds said the clot was inoperable.

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Sorry, I didn't notice it was already posted

Damn, poor kid, RIP.

rip, the family is in my prayers


i had staph infection about 2 weeks ago...started out on my ass and then spread throughout my crotch and down my leg..really warm baths and skin ointments cleared it up after about 6-7 days..i was worried though, the rate it spread was freaky, but i didnt need anti-biotics...

Bry Bry I would get checked anyway

I had a bump on my forearm that didn't go away for a few days, told my work I needed to go to the doctor right away, they thought I was just trying to get out of work, I tried to explain to them how serious it was, still gave me shit. I told them to dock my pay, charge me vacation whatever they needed to do because I was going to the doctor. I went 6 days of antibiotics and I was good to go.

Now that it's on CNN they believe it, assholes.

RIP, This story is really sad. The same thing happend to my mothers friend a few years ago after she stepped on a broken piece of glass. She went to the hosiptal and they sent her home by the time she came back it was too late and she died, leaving behind her son who was only a baby at the time.

This is why I shower as soon as possible after practice and always wash all my cloths and gear and make sure I wear different cloths on the ride home and keep my sweaty shit seperate from my gear and do my best to clean my gear when I can.

My heart goes out to the family of that poor young man... May he rest in peace

This one hit close to home for me because I got staph bad a few months ago. I still have the scar on the inside of my thigh about half way up.


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scary stuff. there is a very RECENT article about drug resistant staph and how its death toll my surpass AIDS.


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no-gi is officially dead

sad, but u know the kids are stoked schools shut down